Discovering tasty southern-style dishes when travelling through Tennessee isn’t a hard task, but finding a place so delicious that even locals can’t help but salivate over, now that’s a challenge.

Thankfully you don’t have to do the ‘hard task’ of eating your way around Tennessee to find the best southern food because country singer, songwriter and Tennessean, Margo Price, knows just where to go.

Prior to performing at The Taste of Americana Tour and Honours Show (organised by Tennessee Tourism, Brand USA and Americana Music Association) in Sydney, Price told KARRYON that one place she’d recommend going for the best traditional southern-style cooking is… Arnold’s Country Kitchen.

Juicy dishes are served in a relaxed cafeteria-style atmosphere, but the best part is, dessert is served first.

“You grab a chocolate cream pie or apple pie before choosing your dinner. It’s incredible and it’s right next to Carter Vintage Guitars where I buy a lot of my musical instruments.”

Margo Price

Read on for the rest of our chat with Margo Price:


You were originally from Illinois, what drew you to Tennessee?

I came to visit Nashville during spring break when I was attending college, and it was the nature that really drew me. It was the national parks and Nashville’s music city. It just seemed like the place I needed to be.


Now living there, what do you love most as a local?

It’s still the same thing as what drew me there. I love being outdoors, hiking, fishing, going to all the waterfalls and we camp a lot as a family. Between Nashville and Memphis, there’s also a lot of talented people and a lot of great players.


For travellers looking for local, authentic experiences, what would you recommend?

I would definitely say, check out the parks around the state. Fall Creek Falls is beautiful. Narrows of the Harpeth, the state park, is one of my favourite places to go because it has a great hike, waterfalls and a really wonderful outlook where you can see 360-degrees around you on this big cliff.

In Nashville, there’s the Centennial Park with beautiful Magnolia Trees and a replication of the Parthenon. They have a lot of art exhibits in the Parthenon as well.

As far as nightlife and what not, I’m a big fan of the Treehouse. It’s a house that was converted into a restaurant, and out back there’s a treehouse that you can climb and have dinner in. The chef, Jason, he’s phenomenal. He tries to use all locally sourced food, and it’s sustainable. Just really good ingredients.

Also, check out music at Mercy Lounge and 3rd and Lindsley.


What do you think makes Tennessee such a musical hub?


Any night of the week, you can go out and see live music. There are people touring, and there are local musicians. It’s unmatched talent.


And you recorded your first album in Memphis?

My first album was recorded at Sun Studio and my second was at Sam Phillips Recording Studio. I love Memphis; it has so much to offer and great nightlife. There’s a bar that I love there called Earnestine & Hazel’s, it has a great jukebox. Memphis also has amazing ribs, oh and Stax Museum, it’s incredible, you’ve got to go to Stacks.


KARRYON was invited to interview Margo Price by Tennessee Tourism and Brand USA ahead of the second annual The Taste of Americana Tour and Honours Show.


What’s your favourite spot for the best southern-style meal?