What do Cardi B, Ibeyi, Jidenna and Princess Noka have in common? Aside from being INCREDIBLE musicians, they’re all headed to Coachella in 2018 and if you’re reading this, then you must be too!

For a first timer the event can be a little overwhelming, which is why we’ve asked our resident Coachella expert Zoe to pull together top 10 survival tips for one of the world’s most iconic music festivals:


1. 89,999 new best friends

Make new campground friends.

Make new campground friends.

Coachella vibes are on point and it’s one of the easiest places in the world to make friends. Talk to everyone, look out for each other (even randoms), and be open to meeting the most awesome peeps from around the world.


2. Text-free zone

Coachella Ferris Wheel

Cell service is as unreliable as the rumours of Daft Punk dropping a surprise set, so plan ahead and plot out meeting places and times with your crew. If you do text, add in the time so you track delays.


3. Musical missteps

A Coachella no, no is sticking to the main stage.

A Coachella no, no is sticking to the main stage.

One of the biggest mistakes noobs make is sticking to the main stage. Split by genres, it’s easy to assume you’ve got the stages all figured out but wandering not only gets you new eargasms, but you’ll discover treasures like the DoLab’s water spritzers or Yuma’s air-conditioning. Bonus!


4. Coachella Couture

Desert Sunrise

Coachella is well known for its festival-meets-fashion crowd, with fashionistas concerned more with their head-to-toe look than the lineup but at what expense? Pack comfy shoes (they may get destroyed), be conscious of clothing that may chafe (the Coachella curse) and bring skimpy for the scorching day and long-sleeves for the chilly desert nights.


5. Your Coachella shopping list

A Fan is a Coachella must-have.

A Fan is a Coachella must-have.

We asked Coachella vets about their must-pack items. We got this shopping list of sorts: baby wipes, chapstick, sunscreen, hat, earplugs, fan, Pedolite (a rehydration drink), bandana (for the dust), and a parasol for the sun sensitive. Allergies tend to flare up so bring meds too.


6. Parking mad

Coachella 8

If you’re the sober driver for Coachella then be smart and drop a pin for your car’s location. The struggle is real if you’re trying to find that run-of-the-mill rental at the end of a long Coachella day.


7. The early bird

Beat the longest security lines & go early.

Beat the longest security lines & go early.

Car camping gets you access to Coachella a day early. Use this to your advantage. Aim for 9am and you can nab the best campground spots closest to the action, as well as avoiding the lengthiest security lines.


8. More liquids, less food


No, eating is not cheating. Coachella is a marathon not a sprint so hearty meals are a must. If you’re camping, you’ll be thinking to BYOF but there are many gourmet food trucks on site. Scrimp on beer garden booze (campers can take in a case of beer per person if you’re 21+) so you can indulge in Coachella’s Insta-worthy deliciousness.


9. Coachella Contraband

Image: Eric Ward/Unsplash

Image: Eric Ward/Unsplash

Car or campervan camping means you can pack a lot in but did you know a bunch of everyday items are banned? Campers usually have to ditch glass items, knives, butane gas, scissors and mirrors (yup, mirrors).


10) Line-free rinsing

Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 3.38.07 pm

If you’re camping, the free shower lines are long unless you go at some random hour. Your saving grace is a solar shower. Fill the bag with water, wait an hour for it to warm up, and then get a buddy to hold it above you (in your swimmers, duh).


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