Travel-mad Zoe Macfarlane shares her life on the road as a digital nomad, this week she comes to you with some great advice on what to do with only two days in The Midnight Sun, Tromsø.

Tromsø is a city dominated by its night sky. The Norwegian gateway to the Arctic, Tromsø offers one of the world’s best destinations to witness the aurora borealis (northern lights).

The destination is the Arctic’s cultural hub and was once nicknamed the ‘Paris of the North’ for its sophistication. The night skies draw travellers now, supported by the picture-perfect waterfront, distinguished buildings, and dramatic mountain backdrop.

In the summer months, the sun puts on a show during the midnight hours, despite never setting. With 24/7 daylight you need less sleep – perfect to cram more in on the optimal 48-hour midnight sun itinerary:




Café et Pâtisserie

Like any good Paris story, it should start with coffee and a pastry. Unlike the real Paris, everything in Tromsø is central, so it’s an easy walk to the cutesy Smørtorget, an antique-store-meets-hipster café.


Rock & Roald

Caffeinated and carb-charged, head to the Polar Museum to uncover regional seafaring traditions and the daring polar exploits of explorers like Roald Admunsen and female pioneer, Wanny Woldstad.


Walk on the Wild Side

The locals of Tromsø are fit. Not evening-stroll fit, more like mountain-climb fit. Act like a local on the Villmarkssenter’s Hiking with the Huskies tour, walking some of their Alaskan huskies through the Arctic wilderness.


Dream Cuisine

Head to the cosy ‘Grandma’s cabin’ ambience and traditional fare of Emma’s Drømmekjøkken (dream kitchen). Don’t miss Emma’s fish au gratin. If you feel like splurging, the 4-course tasting menu at Mathallen is worth it.


Midnight Snack

Stay up WAY past your bedtime on the Green Adventure Midnight Sun tour. Take stock of the beauty and history of Norway’s fjords and enjoy midnight campfire sausages on Sommarøy Island. Keep an eye out for epic wildlife.




But First, Brunch

Enjoy a lie in after your late night before fuelling up with brunch at Tromsø’s coffee heroes, Risø. Their caffeine hit pulls a crowd so get there before 12.


Breathtaking. Literally

To see far across the islands, mountains, fjords, and sea, you’ll need to head to Fjellheisen, the city’s finest lookout spot. Ride the cable car or get a two-for-one on ‘breathtaking’ by taking the steep stairs to the top.


The Reel Deal

Pukka Travels had us at hello with their #traveltochangetheworld sustainable tourism practices. Explore with them by land or sea, but my pick is their fishing tour on the glacier-clear Norwegian Sea. The personable guides are a hoot, sharing their fishing techniques before whipping up the catch into a delicious traditional fish soup.




Accommodation in Tromsø in the summer months needs one thing – blackout curtains! The Smarthotel ticked this box, as well as being perfect for solo travellers, with single rooms available.




Get there via Oslo or Stockholm. From the airport, hop on the airport bus outside the terminal.


Have you visite Tromsø? Share your experience with us below.