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What your airline seat preference says about you...

A seat is just a seat, right? And it'd be ludicrous to attempt to analyse someone based solely on where they choose to plant themselves on flight QR34 to London.

A seat is just a seat, right? And it’d be ludicrous to attempt to analyse someone based solely on where they choose to plant themselves on flight QR34 to London.

Well, let’s delve into this a little deeper, because where you choose to sit on a flight may in fact reveal much about who you are, and what you value in life – deep, huh?

(That’s if you’re even allowed to choose your seat, because this airline won’t let passegners do that at all…)

I’m deciding to call this new analytic philosophy “seatology,” and before you call me crazy, give this guide a read and see if it rings true!


If you’re an aisle person…



Freedom, control, privacy – if you’re an aisle person, it’s likely that you value such things in life.

Sitting on the aisle means you can get up to use the toilet whenever you want, you can order your meal or beverage from the flight attendant first, and you can choose to engage or not engage with the person sitting in the middle seat.

Indeed, much of what makes an aisle seat attractive is the sense of control you get from sitting at the end of the row. And in an environment as controlled and restricted as a flight – where ultimately, you have pretty much no control at all – this is attractive to passengers.

Speaking to the New York Post, psychologist and University of Washington professor, Jonathan Bricker, says that choosing a seat is a “rare opportunity to have some control over your environment when traveling… That’s very significant for the traveler.”

Aisle seaters are all about exploiting this sense of control to the nth degree.


If you’re a middle seat person…



Passengers that love the middle seat are generally extroverts who love a chat on a flight. By sitting next to two passengers – instead of one – middle seaters have twice the opportunity to chat – simply turn to your left or right, and voila, someone new to talk to!

But that’s assuming the middle seat was your first preference…

Many middle seaters may in fact be terribly disorganised, finding themselves in the middle because they left things to the last-minute and checked into their flight too late. In general, nobody pines for the middle, so these are the only ones available when the plane is close to packed.

If you consistently find yourself in the middle, when you’d rather be aisle or window-side, then perhaps it’s time you take a good hard look at yourself!


If you’re a window person…



“You may say I’m a dreamer. But I’m not the only one” – says the window seat passenger as he/she points to all the other passengers sitting at the windows.

Passengers with a penchant for the window love to look out at the Earth from 30,000 feet above and imagine all the new adventures that await them in the foreign lands below. They are open to new experiences and love to dream.

But window seat passengers may also just be drawn to the window as they can create their own space onboard. They can rest their pillow against cabin wall and store their stuff in the space between their seat and the wall, creating a cozy little temporary home.

*Find out all you need to know about airline seat bidding here.

Do you think your seat preference says a lot about you? Let us know in the comments below.