Asia isn’t a single, one-dimensional destination. Rather, it’s a collection of different cultures, experiences and natural wonders, all gloriously lumped together in a region that’s so accessible from our shores.

But its vastness and diversity can make it a little hard when choosing where to go — there are just endless possibilities!

So, to makes things easier, we’ve chosen specific regions and countries that will satisfy whatever your travel motivations…


The best place to…tantalise your taste buds


If you get your travel thrills through the sense of taste, then you’re easily satisfied in Asia — this is a land known for dishing out some of the tastiest food in the world. And the Land of the Rising Sun, aka Japan, definitely doesn’t disappoint.

Ramen, sushi, tempura, yakitori, udon, teriyaki, sashimi — the list of delicious dishes goes on and on and on! Sample all of these delectable delights on the 14-day Discover Japan tour, taking in the many sides of Japan (modern, ancient, nature, urban) including Tokyo, Mount Fuji, Kyoto and Osaka.


The best place to…get in touch with the natural world


When it comes to natural beauty and exotic wildlife, Asia wins hands down. Mountains, monkeys, beaches and pythons, Asia — and especially China and Vietnam — is a vibrant natural wonderland teeming with an amazing assortment of animals to see

You’ll see this for yourself on the Treasure of Vietnam and China tour, cruising along the Mekong Delta, visiting the naturally stunning Halong Bay, and getting up close and personal with the cutest creatures in the world: giant pandas in Chengdu’s world-famous Conservation Centre.


The best place to…throw yourself into another world


You don’t have to travel to outer space to experience what it’s like to live in another world. Because India is about as exotic and different as any place on Earth. From the food and the fashion to the language and the spirituality, this ancient land promises to transport you into a vibrant world that stimulates as much as it inspires.

The Highlights of India tour is an 18-day escapade through this mesmerizing land that will leave a lasting impression on you for years and years to come. Not only does it visit the Taj Mahal and the capital New Delhi, but it also includes colourful Rajasthan and spiritual Varanasi which is built around the immensely sacred River Ganges.


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Where in Asia is on your travel list?


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