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UNDISCOVERED MEDITERRANEAN: 5 Secret Spots Worth Bragging About

Steer away from the most popular ports of call in the sun-drenched Mediterranean and you’ll find hidden gems that sparkle in every imaginable way. They’re famous for a reason, to […]

Steer away from the most popular ports of call in the sun-drenched Mediterranean and you’ll find hidden gems that sparkle in every imaginable way.

They’re famous for a reason, to be sure, but don’t for once get blindsided by the glossy tour brochures all promoting the same destinations. Because the truth is, the Mediterranean – and Europe in general – has lots more to offer… In 2020, Globus has hand-picked a selection of tours that show you just that!

Here are five undiscovered gems waiting for you in the Mediterranean.


Pula, Croatia

You don’t have to travel to Italy to feast your eyes on some of the best-preserved Roman ruins in Europe. Instead, visit the seafront city of Pula in Croatia, and get ancient architectural monuments mixed in with stunning beaches and picturesque harbours.

Oh, and the Old Town, built in turn by the Romans, Ostrogoths and Venetians is a real beauty too.

Tick off this hidden gem as part of the 11-day The Croatian itinerary with Globus, which visits Zagreb, Opatija, Zadar, Split, and Dubrovnik in Croatia, and even the Slovenian capital, Ljubljana.

An exciting Local Favourite included in this tour is a guided walk and mini-train ride through the magnificent Postojna Caves in Slovenia. Discovered in the 17th century, it’s considered the most beautiful cave in Slovenia, and has been open to the public since 1819.


Matera, Italy


Perched on a rocky outcrop in the southern region of Basilicata and lying in a small canyon, Matera in Italy is best known for its cave dwellings – called sassi – literally built into the mountainside.

It’s easily one of the most unique medieval towns you’ll have the pleasure of exploring in the country.

Discover this hidden gem for yourself on the 14-day Southern Italy & Greece tour which starts in Palermo in Sicily and ends in the Greek capital, Athens.

A Local Favourite, you’ll visit these dramatic cave houses before having a delicious dinner with local specialities at a renowned restaurant.


Canakkale, Turkey

The launching off point to paying your respects at Gallipoli, Canakkale in Turkey is a curious blend of cobbled lanes buzzing with student nightlife and a beautiful waterfront promenade.

If that wasn’t enough, consider that this seafront city is also the nearest major town to the ancient historical site of Troy, and well, how many more reasons do you need to visit this historically important Turkish city?

You can take this (optional) excursion to Troy and Gallipoli Battlefields on the Eclectic Aegean with 7-night cruise Globus itinerary.


Paros, Greece

Forget Santorini, Mykonos and Crete, because it’s on Paros that you’ll experience an authentic slice of the Greek Islands – minus the crowds.

Located in the Cyclades, Paros is best known for its traditional white-washed villages, amazing beaches and delicious seafood – calamari anyone?

Jump aboard the 8-day Greek Island Adventure from Athens to Athens and visit another unsung gem in the Cyclades in the form of Naxos.

One of the Local Favourite experiences will have you follow your guide to a local kafenio to taste the famous citrus spoon dessert. Mmm!


Mijas, Spain


Seville, Malaga and even Granada have been on the well-worn tourist trail for decades now, but not Mijas – uh-uh.

Located on the south-eastern coast of Spain, Mijas, white-washed and clung onto the side of a mountain, is easily one of the most beautiful villages in Andalucía.

Whilst you’re in Andalusia on the 8-day Spectacular Spain tour, you’ll definitely not want to miss out on visiting the stunning Alhambra Complex in Granada with your local guide.

Are you ready to take the nearest exit off the tourist trail and visit some of these hidden gems? Then don’t delay, because you can save up to $2000 per couple if you book now!


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