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Want to Break-Free? Thredbo’s New Backcountry Tours Are The GO

Explore the path most definitely less trodden on one of Thredbo's Backcountry Tours supported by The North Face and beginning on August 10.

Explore the path most definitely less trodden on one of Thredbo’s Backcountry Tours supported by The North Face and beginning on August 10.

Break free! Explore new frontiers! If you’ve become au fait with inbound slopes, you may become curious for a little more piste and quiet, and while scanning the Australian Main Range from the top of Karels T-Bar, those untracked slopes and limitless space start calling your name.

If you’ve been thinking about exploring ‘out there’, but just don’t know-how, then a Thredbo Backcountry Tour could be your invitation to an entirely new snow experience.

Whether on skis, snowboard or snowshoes, there are a variety of tours all featuring the backdrop of the raw beauty of gnarled eucalyptus trees, empty mountains and wildlife cameos.


In groups of 2 – 5, learn backcountry skills from experienced guides (first aid trained, with avalanche certification, appropriate emergency equipment and mountains of off-piste experience).

Every guest is provided with a loan North Face backpack that contains a beacon, probe and shovel. Snowshoes, splitboards and touring skis are available for rental so you don’t need to purchase any gear beforehand.

Tours range from introductory to advanced, so adventures abound whether this is your first uphill step, or you’re a backcountry bandit.

Ready to break-free? Let’s do this.

The ‘Introduction to Backcountry’ Tour

If you’ve never tried Alpine Touring, but keep wondering what it’s all about, this full-day tour is for you.

Your guide will introduce you to the specialist equipment, safety aspects and skills required to negotiate simple backcountry terrain. You’ll learn a lot during this tour and many of your backcountry questions will be answered. It’s also a pre-requisite before joining Thredbo’s other, more demanding tours.

  • Duration: 6 Hours – All Day
  • Backcountry Skill Level: First Timer
  • Rider Level: Strong Intermediate to Advanced
  • Location: Ramshead Area
  • Highlights: Equipment Familiarisation, Skinning, Basic Navigation, Awareness & Safety
  • Cost: $199 – Included lift access for lifts used during the tour

The ‘Beyond the boundaries’ Tour


If you’ve completed the introductory course it’s time to step it up, literally! This adventure will take you out of the resort boundaries to all our secret spots whether it be for stashes or scenery.

Find some of the best and most unique terrains Australia has to offer from Bogong to Mt Kosciuszko or choose your own adventure with a custom combination. Whatever your destination, the mission is to find the perfect line and score fresh snow.

You’ll score not only new knowledge of the area but experience terrain variety and further develop your backcountry and alpine touring skills.

  • Duration: 7 Hours – All Day
  • Backcountry Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced
  • Rider Level: Strong Intermediate to Advanced
  • Location: Bogong Creek Area, Mt Kosciuszko, Ramshead and Dead Horse Gap plus custom combos available
  • Highlights: Terrain Variety, Fresh Snow, Hanging Rock, Alpine Touring & Backcountry Skill Development
  • Cost: $299 – Included lift access for lifts used during the tour

The ‘Advanced Adventurer’ Tour


You’re a backcountry bandit and there’s no holding you back! You eat fresh tracks for breakfast, get excited about things like outerwear vent zips and always wonder what’s around the next corner. This tour is for you.

This can be highly customised, with all-day destinations including Leatherbarrel, Twin Valleys and Etheridge.

Previous backcountry and touring skills are essential and advanced ability must be in your bag of tricks as you become more familiar with riding more technical terrain. The bonus? There’s also the chance to summit and ride some of Australia’s highest peaks.

  • Duration: 7 Hours – All Day
  • Backcountry Skill Level: Advanced
  • Rider Level: Advanced
  • Location: Leatherbarrel Creek, Etheridge, Twin Valleys and custom combos available
  • Highlights: Summit & Ride Australia’s Highest Peaks
  • Cost: $299 – Tour Included lift access for lifts used during the tour

The Mt. Kosciuszko Summit Tour


This is the Big Kahuna, a ski or snowboard of Australia’s highest peak, sitting at 2,228 metres and one of the iconic seven summits (the highest on each continent in the world).

If after breaking ground adventure this is the tick-all-the-boxes tour; you’ll leave the resort boundaries, experience the majestic Main Range and stand at the very top of Australia. The ultimate bucket list tour and it will be a must-do for snow lovers.

  • Duration: 7 Hours – All Day
  • Backcountry Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Rider Level: Strong Intermediate to Advanced
  • Location: Mt Kosciuszko
  • Highlights: Summit & Ride Australia’s Highest Peak
  • Cost: $299 – Tour Included lift access for lifts used during the tour

Keen to do your own thing? Get a backcountry access pass


Are you OK to head out independently? If experienced in backcountry, before heading out don’t forget to fill in an online Trip Intention Form with NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service as a safety basic.

Load up a Backcountry Access Pass ($42 adults, $10 child 5 – 17 years) onto a MyThredbo card from Guest Services Valley Terminal for a one way trip up Kosciuszko Express Chairlift.

Find out more: www.thredbo.com.au