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Why Patagonia should be high on your bucket list

Sailing through the glacial wonderland of Patagonia and hiking through its stunning national parks is one of the best outdoor experiences a traveller could ask for.

Sailing through the glacial wonderland of Patagonia and hiking through its stunning national parks is one of the best outdoor experiences a traveller could ask for.

Raw, stunning, untamed – Patagonia is all these things, and much more. There are few places of natural beauty in the world that can humble even the most-travelled among us. Patagonia is one of those places.

Thankfully, experiencing Patagonia properly and in complete comfort and style is easier than you think. The 14-day Patagonia and Chilean Fjords cruise by Aurora Expeditions is an enviable expedition through this amazing landscape.

Enviable because…


You get to be mesmerised by impressive fjords and glacial landscapes


Patagonia is a vast region in the southernmost tip of South America shared by Argentina and Chile.

Divided in the middle by the Andes Mountains, Patagonia has something of a split personality: on the Argentine side expect to see deserts, grasslands and windy steppes; over in Chile, temperate rainforests, glacial fjords, snow-capped mountains reign supreme.

One of the highlights is sailing along the Beagle Channel, a part which is commonly called Glacier Alley because of the numerous glaciers that forge their way down to the sea.

A Zodiac cruise to get you closer to the glaciers is a memorable way to be immersed in the environment.


You get to be enchanted by Patagonia’s wildlife on land and in the sea


Sailing through Glacier Alley isn’t just an opportunity to soak up the majestic glacial and mountain scenery – it’s also a chance to lay your eyes on the region’s thriving wildlife. Penguins and fur seals are just some of the cute creatures that live in this ecologically diverse part of the world.

In other parts of Patagonia, such as the Francisco Coloane Marine Reserve, humpback, minke, and even sei whales join imperial cormorants, flightless steamer ducks, Magellanic penguins, southern fur seals and Peale’s dolphins as the wildlife on display.

On land, inside the Torres del Paine National Park, you can keep your eye open for foxes, huemul (Andean deer) and guanacos (wild camelids related to the llama). If you’re lucky, you may even spot the ever-elusive puma that’s currently thriving in this gobsmackingly gorgeous natural playground.


You get to enjoy all the benefits of seeing Patagonia by an expedition cruise


A small-ship expedition cruise through Patagonia’s fjords is an excellent way to experience the diversity of scenery and activities that the region offers, in a limited amount of time.

The small size of the 104-metre purpose-built expedition vessel (the Greg Mortimer, named after Aurora Expeditions’ adventurous co-founder) that plies this itinerary means you can sail through narrow waterways and get up close and personal with the surrounding nature.

The excellent combination of time spent on board and off the ship also means you’ll get to stretch your legs and immerse yourself in the landscape.

Some of the on-shore excursions include visiting coastal villages and hikes. Onboard, a knowledgeable team of historians, glaciologists and naturalists, as well as a photographer, who provide presentations explaining and interpreting what you are seeing and bringing this incredible destination to life.


So what are you waiting for?

Learn more about sailing through this legendary destination with Aurora Expeditions by registering here for the upcoming Patagonia webinar. It will surely inspire you to start packing your bags!

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