Before stepping foot in a new country, it’s definitely a good idea to familiarise yourself with the local laws and customs. For example, don’t take chewing gum into Singapore – customs won’t like it.

But then some laws are so baffling – dare we say, crazy – that never in your most gullible state would you have believed them to be true.

But hold onto your hats ladies and gentlemen, because we’re about to venture into a world where truth is stranger than fiction…

Here are five actual laws from around the world that are just plain weird.


1. You can marry a dog in India


Or any animal for that matter.

Just as recently as 10 years ago, a Delhi man hitched himself to a hound in a ceremony that was just as lavish as any other wedding celebration in India.

Apparently, the dude was convinced that his health issues were the result of his killing two dogs when he was a child, and that the only way to atone for his sins was to marry a dog. And that totally makes sense to me…


2. You can identify as a dragon in Russia


FYI: On a Russian census form, you have creative license to identify as what-ever-the-hell-you-want, such as a dragon, an elf, a Martian or even a hobbit!

And you thought Russia was just some dictatorial state run by a guy who loves riding horses with his shirt off? Wait, it still is…


3. In South Africa you can attach a flamethrower to your car

Charl Fourie, cooperating with the South African police, demonstrates an anti-hijacking "Blaster" flame-thrower in Johannesburg in this December 11, 1998 file photo. REUTERS/Peter Andrews/Files

Carjackings are such a problem in South Africa that it’s totally legal to install a “blaster” on your car, which is basically a flamethrower capable of blasting out five metres of fire from either side of your vehicle.

It’s a government-sanctioned form of protection that brings to mind scenes from Mad Max. Five stars for coolness.


4. You can walk around naked anywhere in Spain


It’s legal to walk around totally naked in any public place in Spain, not just in designated nudist beaches – espere, que?! Si, es verdad. 

That’s because wearing nothing but your birthday suit is considered an “inalienable human right” under Spanish law. Viva la Espana!


5. You can legally drive a tank to work in the UK


Believe it or not, but it’s road legal in the UK to use a tank as a private vehicle that you can use to run errands around town, such as trips to the supermarket, to school to drop the kids off, or even for just a cruise down Chapel Street.

You will have to disable the weapons system and fit rubber tracks to the wheels though, but still, how cool would it be to cruise to work in a tank?

Source: DailyMail.

Come across any other crazy laws from around the world? Share them below…