Luxury side lock up Apr 2024
Luxury side lock up Apr 2024


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Swissotel Stamford Singapore launches Vitality Room with a Wellbeing centre inside it

The Swissotel Stamford Singapore has launched an innovative new room concept that is bound to capture the attention of wellbeing loving travellers who demand more from their hotel stays.

The Swissotel Stamford Singapore has launched an innovative new room concept that is bound to capture the attention of wellbeing loving travellers who demand more from their hotel stays.

If you value and enjoy your exercise – but don’t really love hotel gyms, then this is the room for you.

Imagine staying in a luxe room that has your own wellbeing centre inside it? Including plenty of space to actively stretch out, state of the art tech, ambient lighting and a super comfy King sized bed?

I got to try out the room for myself at the official launch in Singapore and as a fitness lover, was very impressed indeed.

The exclusive new Swissotel “Vitality Rooms” at the Swissotel Stamford Singapore are a significant revolution in hotel room design, with numerous features to maintain and enhance your mind, body and spirit throughout your stay.


Described as like “staying in your own sanctuary” (I like to think happy place), each Vitality King room comes with its own ‘Wellbeing Wall’, featuring a bespoke range of resistance pulleys, a set of stylish leather (not stinky rubber) weights, a stretching rack and a Swiss hardwood floor to roll out the (included) yoga mat and work out those post-flight aches and pains.

And since training on your own can often be in itself a lesson in self-discipline (yep), there’s even a video screen ‘trainer’ in the middle of the ‘Wellbeing Wall’ that guides you through a range of short burst programs to help you work out more productively. Or work out at all.

It’s literally like having a personal trainer in your own room and means you can work out when you want, and precisely for how long.

Leather weights and a yoga mat ready to go

Leather weights and a yoga mat ready to go

matt workout3  matt workout1

Beautifully designed, the room has a clean, calm colour palette and a classic wood style that brings a natural look, and ergonomic furniture that includes a substantial (adjustable height) table to use as a stand-up work desk or sketch out the plan for your next life goal. I’ve never seen this before in any hotel room and think it’s a brilliant feature.

There’s also Bluetooth connectivity, so you can (easily) pair your phone and pump up the volume via the subwoofer or watch the news, Netflix or your favourite music channel on a huge 65″ Samsung LED TV while you do your active thing.

Alternatively, you could sit on the comfy sofa and watch TV.

For rehydration and replenishment, there’s a refreshment centre mini bar that offers energising Vitality snacks and drinks, made with fruits and superfoods and a local Singaporean twist and naturally, a Nespresso machine for those who prefer a stronger kind of hit.


Choose your own mood light settings… Relaxation…


Or energising…

A high-performance air purification system (including a Smart Dyson fan) will also be a big drawcard for guests, particularly those who are exercising. And, in a first for the hotel industry, a circadian light feature allows the room light colour to change, influencing the secretion of melatonin in the brain, helping travellers overcome jet-lag or lack of sunlight.

These are fantastic design features that make a positive difference to match your changing moods.

The Dyson hardryer...

The Dyson hairdryer

Getting quality sleep is often, a massively overlooked element when it comes to our overall wellbeing. This is something I’ve especially never understood when it comes to hotels. Having slept in many uncomfortable hotel beds, I’ve always thought “Surely the bed would be the first thing you got right?”.

The Vitality King bed is one of the comfiest you’ll get to sleep in and also features a pillow menu that offers a range of options to suit and soothe every weary travel neck.

Blackout blinds ensure there’s no chance of any light seeping in to wake you mid-slumber and you can even set the alarm to stir you when it is time to get up with a calming ‘sunrise setting’ that helps enhance your mental stimulation throughout the day.


What a way to start your day… With the sunrise setting

Bespoke bathroom and shower features also allow guests to personalise their experience through gently-coloured lighting and scent options or various water pressures that alternately soothe or revitalise. There’s a swish Dyson hairdryer (not much use to this baldy sadly) and smart mirrors that match the lighting to put you in your best light.

The room builds on Swissotel’s exceptionally well-received Vitality Programme which began in the brands home of Zurich, Switzerland in 2012 and aims to support guests by focusing on their general well-being and quality of life.

“Feeling vital is a prerequisite to enjoying a quality of life, and one of the key pillars of the Swissotel experience. Our new Vitality Room, which seamlessly addresses many aspects of health and wellbeing, is the living embodiment of our brand’s values,”

Lilian Roten, vice president, Swissotel Hotels & Resorts.

Purovel amenities from Switzerland feature Swissotel's signature scent

Purovel amenities from Switzerland feature Swissotel’s signature scent

Swissotel’s commitment to wellness is not only an integral element of its brand identity but part of a larger travel movement. According to Susie Ellis, chairman and CEO of The Global Wellness Institute, “wellness travel will be the fastest growing tourism sector”.

“There is a growing desire on the part of travellers to view their accommodations not just as a place to stay, but as a place to reconnect, replenish and revitalise,” said Ms Roten. “Our new Vitality Room is a unique place where our guests have the opportunity to be immersed in an environment of peace and health, where they can truly ‘live it well’.”

Susie Ellis, CEO of The Global Wellness Institute

Overall, I think the Swissotel Stamford Singapore Vitality rooms will be a big drawcard for business and leisure travellers seeking a different hotel option. If you value your own wellbeing and even just time out from a busy world, then these havens will be just the tonic. Being able to pop out of bed and do a quick workout in your own room without having to move furniture around is a beautiful thing.



Vitality Room view...

Vitality Room view…

Swissotel Stamford Singapore Vitality Rooms start at $358 AU per night. Find out more at

Qantas flies daily to Singapore ex Sydney. Economy Fares begin at $651AU return. Find out more at


What do you think of the new Vitality Room concept? Share your thoughts below.