Experiencing the United Arab Emirates just like a client would, was the highlight for TravelManagers’ personal travel manager Nicole Edgar, representative for Narre Warren South in Victoria. A select group of personal travel managers experienced the very best of Serbia, Dubai and Abu Dhabi participating in a seven night exclusive TravelManagers educational hosted by Etihad Airways.

“Being able to share my extensive personal travel experience and product knowledge with my clients is an absolute priority for me. I was thrilled to participate on the Etihad educational, the key focus being to experience the destinations exactly as our clients would,” says Edgar.

Famil participants personal travel managers Kirsty Whittaker, representative for Hobart; Fiona Perry, representative for Corlette in New South Wales; Sara Birtwhistle, representative for New Farm in Queensland and tour escort Sandra Reucker from the national partnership office all agree the cuisine experienced throughout the famil was a highlight.

“I can highly recommend Skadarlija Street in Belgrade for great food. With lots of cafes and restaurants available we opted for a little café that had a Serbian band playing to each table. It was a good choice. It served traditional Serbian fare, which was delicious. The servings are huge and if you’re a meat eater you will be in heaven!” says Reucker.

Rich in history, Islamic traditions and architecture, Abu Dhabi with its blend of international influences and commitment to local heritage makes for a fascinating city to visit.

“A visit to Abu Dhabi wouldn’t be complete without seeing the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, one of the world’s largest mosques with a capacity for 40,000 worshippers. It is simply gorgeous and you can appreciate the peace and tranquility. I recommend visiting late afternoon to also see it at dusk which gives a completely different perspective,” says Whittaker.

The group travelled with Etihad Airways, the National Airline to the United Arab Emirates. Referring to all passengers as ‘guests’, Perry discovers an airline with a real commitment to service.

“Travelling on Etihad was an absolute pleasure. We were lucky enough to experience most of our journey in pearl business class, which was a real highlight. The flat bed and ‘kitchen anytime’ five star dining options proved invaluable on the long-haul flight. The friendly crew providing unfaltering service combined with modern entertainment systems ensure I will now recommend Etihad to my clients without hesitation.”

The dedicated TravelManagers’ personal travel manager educational programme is backed up by strong state and national support, which includes a national partnership office and individual licensed state offices with local business partnership managers.

“TravelManagers national partnership office provide access to virtual office technology, training, marketing, fares and ticket as well as 24/7 access to all mid and back-office processes. Combined with six state based business partnership managers and valuing key preferred supplier relationships, personal travel managers have access to the broadest and most in-depth support nationwide. This type of behind the scenes central and local state-based support is crucial,” says Michael Gazal, TravelManagers’ Executive General Manager.

Birtwhistle attributes the behind-the-scenes support received from TravelManagers giving her the freedom to go above and beyond for her clients.

“The support I receive from my local business partnership manager, access to support from the national partnership office combined with TravelManagers’ collective buying power and increasing sales volumes gives me peace of mind that my customers will receive competitive pricing which allows me to focus on sharing my firsthand knowledge and travel tips that I know will make their travel the absolute best it can be.”