Rob Gurney has announced he’s stepping down from his position as Managing Director and CEO of helloworld, with current CFO Elizabeth Gaines taking over with immediate effect.

“Rob indicated to the board that as the helloworld business transformation is now at an advanced stage, he wishes to pursue a new opportunity with an international focus,” according to a statement from Helloworld Limited.

helloworld Chairman Tom Dery said together with the helloworld executives, Mr Gurney had overseen the development of the helloworld brand, engaged key stakeholders and concluded major commercial agreements.

“During Mr Gurney’s role as CEO, the helloworld brand has been successfully introduced to the Australian consumer, our website has been launched and over 750 travel agents have committed to our franchise models,” Mr Dery added.

Mr Gurney said the transformations to helloworld has been a fantastic opportunity for him and thanked those travel agents, supplier partners and staff at helloworld for their commitment and support.

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