helloworld remains optimistic despite an expected financial impact of up to $10 million from the seven per cent decrease in its retail network.

KarryOn_Helloworld_625The group rests hopes that the decline in agents will be offset by the growth of its online trading through the helloworld.com.au portal. Since the launch of the new brand in July last year, only 890 retail agents have signed contracts with the company, a figure they hope to increase to more than 1700 locations by July this year. helloworld’s projects they will have 300 branded locations, 400 brand-carrying associate locations and 300 affiliate locations.

In addition, the company expects to have a further 440 locations operating under the Concorde Agency Network, while nearly 100 Australian locations are expected to remain in operation under the Harvey World Travel, Travelscene, Jetset Travel and Travelworld brands.

helloworld Chief Executive, Elizabeth Gaines, described the network developments as “strong over a relatively short period of time,” and said they were pleased with the progress the company has made in implementing the helloworld strategy since it was launched only 11 months ago.

helloworld is now focused on growing the brand presence in the Australian market, with 250 branded locations already displaying helloworld branding and signage and a further 15 refitted as ambassador stores with new branding, design, layout, interiors and furniture.

Ms Gaines said helloworld has developed a substantial, nationwide visual footprint through both helloworld branded and brand-carrying associate locations, and that combined with integrated marketing campaigns and a strong digital component through helloworld.com.au, “offers the ultimate flexibility and convenience to our customers”.

helloworld Ltd updated the market on their implementation of the helloworld retail strategy, developments in the industry accreditation and the current trading outlook on ASX today.

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