TravelManagers’ Canberra based personal travel managers Jenny Dwyer and Pauliina Kelly didn’t realise when they signed up to participate in the ‘Seniors Expo’ that they would end up radio stars.

Local Canberra radio station 2CA were broadcasting live from the Expo and offered Dwyer and Kelly an impromptu radio interview with their local host Larry Appley.

“It was portrayed as an informal discussion with the radio announcer for just a few minutes and was simply a matter of us answering a few questions about TravelManagers, who we are and what we do. I have never done a radio interview before, but I was happy to join Pauliina to bounce ideas off each other, which worked really well.  It was one of those amazing opportunities you just grab, where you just step up and wing it,”

says Dwyer.

Appley was extremely interested by the TravelManagers’ mobile consulting personal manager model.

“Larry was really intrigued by our business and asked us lots of questions about what makes us different.  It was great as we could talk freely and knowledgeably about being very approachable and flexible, and the mobile aspect of the business combined with the ability to give our clients great personal service. Clients just love the fact that we’re home-based personal travel managers with the flexibility to visit wherever is most convenient for them. This was something Larry reiterated as both valuable and unique.  I got the feeling he would like to have a personal travel manager himself!”

smiles Dwyer.

Dwyer and Pauliina were attending the one day expo supporting Chris Spelic on the Croatia Tours stand.

“I have a great relationship with Chris and Croatia Tours having supported them at expos around the country for over 18 months now. It’s a great opportunity to spend quality time talking with clients providing first hand expertise on an extensive range of Croatia products including pre and post arrangements,” says Kelly.

A live radio interview with little notice may be daunting for some, but for Dwyer and Kelly talking about what they know and love made it easy.

“We are both so passionate about how well the personal manager concept really works and confident in our industry knowledge and our own specialties so it was easy to sound relaxed and friendly on air. Our hearts were internally going berserk but outwardly our persona was professional and calm!” laughs Dwyer.

“We applaud the way Pauliina and Jenny took the opportunity to go out of their comfort zone and do a live radio interview. It shows their innovative spirit and the fact they also mentioned the other personal travel managers in the Canberra area shows how well the personal travel managers work so well together. Their relationship epitomises TravelManagers’ philosophy of personal travel managers working collectively together to provide the ultimate travel experience for our customers and we wholeheartedly support that,” says TravelManagers’ Executive General Manager Michael Gazal.

With Dwyer and Kelly now having had a taste of radio stardom, it may be we hear more of the personal travel managers on Radio 2CA.

“I’m always keen for a challenge and I do attend a lot of expos, so I will never say never,” says Kelly.