We’re half way through our series of the best reasons to use a travel agent!

Here’s the latest  top 10 reasons travel agents are still the best resource when it comes to making travel bookings.

41. Saves You Precious Time on Your Trip


To avoid 36 hours in the airport, your travel expert can help plan your trip so your time spent getting to where you want to go is the shortest it can be.

42. Anticipating Trouble


Travel agents are extremely useful if you are planning a trip to a known weather troubled area such as the cyclones in Fiji. In the event of a natural disaster, your travel agent can work to immediately reschedule or cancel your trip so there are no worries for you.

43. Complicated Itineraries Made Simple


Travel experts can take care of all the details for those complicated around the world itineraries and all the extra headaches that go with them, such as hotel and transportation along the way.

44. Special Needs Travellers


Travel specialists can prearrange any wheelchair or special need that someone in your travel party may have. They can also take the time to make sure your reserved accommodations are safe and easily accessible for the special needs traveller.

45. What to Pack


Some activities you choose to partake in may require different layers of clothing throughout the day. Your travel agent can advise you on what to bring. A bike trip down an extinct volcano in Hawaii for example, may require you to start out with jackets and wool socks, but when you get to the bottom you may be down to shorts and a tank top.

46. Let Them Wait on Hold


By using a travel agent you no longer have to wait on hold and talk to automated systems while trying to book different parts of your trip.

47. Business Concerns


If the airline you are scheduled to use goes on strike or bankrupt while you are traveling, your travel agent can work to find you alternate travel means while you continue to relax at the hotel.

48. Transportation in Smaller Countries


Travel agents can arrange all your transportation and travel needs, especially in those smaller countries where you may not know if cabs or van services are safe.

49. Group Hotel Reservations


Travel agents can help to keep everyone in your group on the same floor at a hotel.

50. Charter Private Boating Trips


Travel specialists can help you to avoid paying top dollar for chartered snorkelling or fishing trips for large groups. They can often find great deals for large groups who want to do personalised tours.

Which point do you think really rings true?

These tips were originally compiled by Pro Travel Tips and ASTA.