With the Holiday season in full swing and a New Year around the corner we asked some US travel agents if we could grant them a wish, what would they wish an Australian travel supplier would do better or differently when selling or marketing to them.

The wishes were varied and ranged from surely that would be simple to grant to maybe that wish is a little more complicated.

Here were some of their wishes:

afternoon capture of new york midtown

afternoon capture of new york midtown

  • “Wish you would understand our agency clientele and who you are marketing to. An agency that focuses on high-end, private touring isn’t interested in hearing about mass market coach touring.”
  • “Wish you would provide more detailed costing’s. Most Americans want costs broken down.  The story of contracted rates doesn’t fly well with most Americans, they want to know what each tour, each hotel, each transfer costs.  So the DMCs quoting to us need to give us full itineraries with costs outlined, and so do the USA based suppliers.”
  • “Wish you would give me more insightful sales pitches. Give me some tidbit of insight that will make them see themselves “in” the picture, not looking at the picture. Example at Philllip Island I always upsell when I explain that in the grand stands you “see” the penguins, however on the boardwalk you are so close you smell the sea and hear the birds chattering to each other – that sells.”
  • “I wish that you would give me options – If you can’t confirm my requests, do not make me come back and ask. My time is valuable, and I more than likely want to sell you product if I recommended it. ”
  • “Wish you would get to know my market niche to support my type of clients instead of suggesting all ranges and focusing on the cheapest.”
  • “I wish you would send me quarterly updates on my sales with you.”
  • “I wish you would make more marketing resources available to me. If I have pre-made marketing pieces like customizable flyers and emails it is so much easier to follow up with leads.”
  • “I wish you would have a really good, interactive agent website with lots of content and full descriptions.”
  • “Wish you would put us on an even playing field with direct customers. “
  • “Wish you would get involved in our markets so you would get to know us better.”
  • “I wish you would understand the distribution system.”
  • “Wish you would confirm space before making me put down a nonrefundable deposit.”
  • “Wish you would provide well written final documents.”
  • “I wish you would let me know times my clients will be picked up for a tour/transfer, and not rely on my clients to call the transfer company and ask, it is only fair they know in advance.”

What do you think about the wishes from the American Travel Agents?