Husband and wife team, Tony Strong and Madonna Dwyer, owners of helloworld Helensvale Plaza in Queensland, have been on a winning streak in recent weeks, by installing their new helloworld store fitout, receiving a national travel industry nomination and winning a brand new car.

The travel duo and their team of consultants are the first store in Queensland to receive the helloworld Ambassador store fit-out. The newly renovated Helensvale store is now complete with helloworld branding, design, layout, interiors and furniture. The store also received its digital component today, featuring an AV screen with digital media for display in the window, plus touchscreen for the experience table.

Tony Strong, Manager at helloworld Helensvale Plaza explains that the entire team are thrilled with the changes to their store.

“The store looks fresh, clean and inviting. We now have a very open office which our customers are telling us that they love. Now that our screens are installed, we can offer a fully interactive experience and are well on our way to having a fantastic year in 2014,” says Strong.

“We have been a big supporter of the helloworld brand from the beginning, so we’re glad to have our store finished. We recognised that something had to change in order to compete effectively with the other travel brands in the industry. We are confident in the strategy behind helloworld and couldn’t be happier with our move,” says Strong.

Julie Primmer, Head of Branded Network for helloworld, says of the new fit out.

“We are breaking away from the traditional travel agency look and feel. helloworld offers an inspiring, contemporary space to attract and interact with a wider range of customers. It empowers staff to better serve customers, facilitating engagement at different levels of commitment, from self-browsing to one on one consultations,” says Primmer.

In addition, last week helloworld Helensvale Plaza was not only announced as a nominee for “Best Travel Agency Retail – Single Location” at this year’s National Travel Industry Awards (NTIA), the agency also won a brand new FIAT, courtesy of GDS, Sabre Pacific.

Tony Strong beat other agents in Australia and New Zealand by making the highest number of eligible car and hotel bookings through Sabre between September and December 2013 and is now the proud owner of a new car.

“I am absolutely delighted to have won the FIAT, thanks to Sabre Pacific. I’ve also had the car branded helloworld Helensvale Plaza to promote my business. With everything going at such a great pace, I am excited about the year ahead,” says Strong.

helloworld helensvale plaza car