Have you ever experienced that life changing moment, when the universe seems to open up and everything lines up just perfectly?

SurfsUpChic_625You might feel it from a job opportunity you have been striving for or the moment you’re stood in a place you have saved all your money to holiday in. Maybe its meeting that perfect person that just completes your life or achieving a personal goal you thought was out of reach. For me it was five women, a beach shack and some perfect waves.

Just a short ferry ride from Cleveland in Brisbane is North Stradbroke Island. Known for its sun drenched beaches and perfect curling waves, it is here I embarked on possibly the most healing week of my life. I was greeted at the local Strandbroke bus stop by Raine, owner and mastermind behind Chix Surfin, the surf and yoga camp I was about to experience.  She personified surfing in every sense, with her sun blonded hair, tanned complexion, van with bed in the back and an attitude so laid back even as a Gold Coast girl I felt up tight and stressed.  It didn’t take me long to relax and unwind in her presence and I was excited to see what this surfing yoga teacher had in store for me.

Being a complete novice at surfing and yoga, I was apprehensive, however these fears soon dissolved when I met the other four women at the beach shack we would call home for the coming days. The level of experience amongst the group in both surfing and yoga was varied but the encouragement and support was already evident.  I was glad it was a women only camp.

SurfsUpChic_3_625After introductions, a few wines and some angel card readings, it seemed as though the group of us had been long lost friends catching up. You would never have picked we were complete strangers meeting for the first time. In anticipation for our first yoga and surfing lessons, we climbed into bed and got some much needed rest for the early morning start.

As the sun rose, so did we, and it was straight into a yoga session on the front deck. I had no idea what I was doing, but some coaching from Raine and I was in positions I never thought possible. Mentally I was surprised how quickly my mind relaxed and I absorbed the serenity of my surroundings. After a health kick breakfast of chia seed porridge it was time to pull on the rashie and grab a board. Time to learn to surf.

The beach at that time of the morning was pure magic. Perfect little sets of waves rolled in, the sun was just peaking up to greet the day. I would have been happy to sit there and absorb it in. There was a task at hand however, and I was determined to accomplish it. I have been in the ocean enough to judge the waves, feel how it moves and know the right waves. Put a surfboard underneath you though and it is completely different. The drive and determination to stand was often hindered by the sheer force of the movement beneath me, and I took many wipe out.

SurfsUpChic_2_625Over the next few days I learnt to calm my mind with yoga, balance my chi and feel more at one in the water with the waves. It took a while but I will never forget the moment I actually stood up on that surf board and for a few precious moments, rode the wave. The excitement and joy was reciprocated with each of the girls as their moment came too. As a group we had bonded, we had tried new things but what I took away most of all from the camp was what I learnt about myself.

It was more than just learning to relax and respect your body during the yoga. It was more than learning how to stand up on a surf board and ride a wave. It was more than a fun week away with the girls. It was a life changing moment where if I had never taken the plunge to try all these new things, I would never have discovered an alternate perspective on life and experiencing something that was outside of my everyday normal. Five days, five women, a beach shack and some boards are something I will forever be thankful for in delivering one of the most healing experiences of my life.

Chix Surfin is a surf and yoga camp run by passionate surfer Raine.  Invest in just $550 and you will get a life changing experience, including daily guided surf sessions, daily surf yoga classes- to get the best out of yourself for all those waves to be ridden, 4 nights’ accommodation, scrumptious daily breakfast, 2 delicious vegetarian group dinners and a short video of all the fun times you and your new friends enjoyed together over the 5 fun filled days.

Contact Raine on 0455 274 517 or visit www.chixsurfin.com