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Bondi Rescue star shares the latest fitness trend for 2015

Looking for the latest fitness trend in 2015? If you want to safely strengthen your core and fix your back then the 'Oov' could be the piece of kit for you.

Looking for the latest fitness trend in 2015? If you want to safely strengthen your core and fix your back then the ‘Oov’ could be the piece of kit for you.


Put simply, the Oov is a beautifully designed piece of fitness equipment you lay back and exercise on. Yesterday I got the chance to check it out for myself with a demonstration from Bondi Rescue star and ‘Oov’ convert – Anthony ‘Harries’ Carroll.

The event, held at Boy Charlton Pool in Sydney also featured ‘Oov’ creator and CEO Daniel Vladeta as well as AIS athletes using the device and a number of other fellow curious core fulfilment seekers like myself.

What is an ‘Oov’ anyway?


Bondi Rescue’s Anthony ‘Harries’ Carroll lays back on the Oov

The ‘Oov’ is an Aussie created and made core activation-training device used by the likes of the AIS, Bondi Rescue lifesavers, elite swimmers like James Magnusson and many other professional athletes.

What makes the Oov different to other training devices?

“Unlike say a foam roller, the ‘Oov’ is designed to strengthen your core while also gently extending your spine. The three curves in the device allow you to balance in an optimum position helping you achieve a neutral spine”.

‘Oov’ CEO and Creator, Daniel Vladeta

After using the ‘Oov’ for just ten minutes I could see where they were coming from. My stomach felt like I’d done a hundred crunches and I was already fatigued (talk about a workout). But when I stood up my posture was instantly better and already I could feel less tension throughout my body, especially in my back. I felt good.

Whilst still relatively new to the Australian consumer market, the ‘Oov’ has had a huge take up throughout Canada, New Zealand and the Middle East in health and fitness industries such as Pilates, physiotherapy, massage therapy and stress relief with 100’s of practitioners in Australia already using the Oov to treat patients.

Why do we need to strengthen our core?


Simple really. The more we hunch our bodies in everyday life and neglect our core, the lazier our body gets and the more prone to injury we become. Working on continually strengthening our core takes the strain off other areas of our body keeping us fit and strong to embrace daily life as well as enjoy exercising at any level.

“The ‘Oov’ has changed how we train, view and treat the spine. It’s allowed for more efficient use of our bodies by activating our core stabilising muscles, strengthening and building their endurance, hence helping to prevent injuries,” said Vladeta.

“We’ve had so many of our lifeguards who were struggling with back issues be able to get back in the water to save lives thanks to using the ‘Oov’. It’s really blown all our minds just how beneficial it is and how easy it is to use.”

Bondi Rescue Star, Anthony ‘Harries’ Carroll

The ‘Oov’ is something that could benefit us all working in travel too. Think about all the uncomfortable flights you regularly endure, the unfamiliar hotel beds you sleep in and the tiring journeys you undertake. Got an aching back? hardly surprising.

All of these factors take their toll on your body and if not kept in check could lead to serious injury and time away from enjoying life (not to mention travelling!) in general.


Whilst I love the ‘Oov’, my only feedback to Daniel and the team was to create an inflatable version to travel with as I think there’s a need real for it. Imagine taking it on your work and leisure trips? It’s a total back saver.

The ‘Oov’ is priced at AUD $170, is available in three sizes and includes a Movement Program app, with simple and personalised exercise routines for both Apple and Android phones and tablets. Find out more here.

What do you think of the ‘Oov’? Is this something you’d be interested in?