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Cheer up, slow down, chill out – Byron Surf Getaways style

We’re probably a bit biased, but we think the Byron Bay Shire has everything a surfer’s heart desires. Still not convinced?

We’re probably a bit biased, but we think the Byron Bay Shire has everything a surfer’s heart desires. Still not convinced?

Read on for Byron Bay based, Surf Getaways top 5 tips what to do when on a surf trip in Byron Bay and why they think you’ll love exploring their Byron home.


1. Year round surfing options for everyone


The Byron Bay area and surrounds has many options for different swell and weather conditions and for surfers of all levels.

Look at a map, check the daily forecast and go exploring to find the right wave for the day: there’s protected corners for all wind directions. ‘Finding waves’ is as much about the journey as it is about the destination.

If you’re a beginner – head to the The Pass, where waves are more gentle, or head South to the back beaches if you’re more experienced – whatever you’re ready for!


2. Plenty of other adventurous activities


If there’s a lay day in your surf schedule, you can keep busy with other adventurous activities around such as kayaking with our friends at Go Sea Kayak, or go for a ride on the beach with Mountain Bike Tours Byron Bay or with Pegasus horse riding.

The natural beauty in and Byron is breathtaking: follow the Cape Byron walking track for a rainforest walk up to the lighthouse, go for a drive to visit one of the beautiful waterfalls around here – such as Minyon or Killen Falls, or to find more secluded beaches or (we’ll tell you all about them when you get here).


 3. Active living and healthy food


When in Rome… In Byron, kids think sushi is a ‘snack’. The hippy legacy and active outdoors lifestyle have created a focus on a healthy and balanced lifestyle, with healthy local organic food options outshining unhealthy fast food.

Visit Combi or Naked Treaties for raw and organic smoothies, have brekky at Folk or the Roadhouse, or do your organic groceries at the health food stores Santos Organics or Fundies Wholefoods in town.


4. Byron surf culture and women’s surf fashion

Adam Gosling_IMG_1302 (1)

Byron Bay is home to a true surf culture since the 60’s and local shapers such as Bob McTavish have been at the forefront of the shortboard revolution. You can visit the McTavish showroom, as well as many other local shapers’ stores in the Byron Industrial Estate.

With the large numbers of talented female surfers in Byron, there’s plenty of great local women’s surf fashion around town: pick up an awesome wetty, surf leggings or ‘onesie’ at the Women’s Coastal Concept store Seabones where you find local designers such as Atmosea, The Saint Helena and Lore of the sea, or visit the local Patagonia store or any of the other many surf stores in town.


5. Post surf spa and massages


After a big surf session, Byron is the perfect spot for relaxation – visit Kiva spa in Mullum, get a Thai massage at Thai Sabai, or take a yoga class at one of the many Yoga Schools in Byron – such as Creatures Yoga.

Our Byron Bay Ladies Surf Getaways accomodation is at the Byron and Byron resort & spa – with access to spa facilities and a complimentary massage as part of the getaway. With our Custom Surf Getaways you can create your own ‘Byron Bay Health & Wellness’ or ‘Surf & Yoga Retreat’ combining our private surf coaching sessions with private yoga classes.


For more information: Check out Surf Getaways for Ladies Surf Getaways in Byron Bay and Fiji, offering surf coaching holidays for women of all ages and all surfing abilities. Regardless of whether you’re a complete beginner or an accomplished shredder, Surf Getaways will support you for your level of skill and confidence or Contact Surf Getaways to arrange a Custom Getaway for your own group of friends for when it suits you.

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Does this make you want to go on a Surf Getaway to Byron Bay? Share your thoughts below.