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Five ways to stay fit on your travels

It’s the only downside of a holiday - sweating hard to get that beach body only for all your hard work to melt away as you stretch out on the sand sipping pina coladas.

It’s the only downside of a holiday – sweating hard to get that beach body only for all your hard work to melt away as you stretch out on the sand sipping pina coladas.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are plenty of ways to still have the holiday of a lifetime and actually come back fitter than you went away.

Don’t believe us? Then take a look at these five tips:


Pick a hotel with awesome facilities

pool 1

If you’re staying in a hotel with plenty to offer in the way of a gym and pool, then you’ve really got no excuse not to stay active. Hit the gym before taking your place on the sand so you can enjoy the rest of the day guilt-free.

Cool off by taking regular dips in the pool, but make sure that instead of just getting comfy on your lilo, you’re getting a few laps in each time.


Go for the healthy option

Fresh Healthy Food KarryOn

Food is such an important part of travel – to get a real feel for a place, you really need to try a few local delicacies.

So, far from suggesting you hold back on the eating front, we’d simply recommend that you pick your meals a little more wisely.

At the breakfast buffet, steer clear of the pastries and go for the delicious tropical fruits. Instead of oodles of stodgy pasta, go for the lighter, fresher alternative of a salad – much more appealing in hotter climes anyway.

Your healthier choices will help keep your energy levels up, keeping you going through all that sightseeing, or even just a few more hours by the pool.


Pack a resistance band

Image credit: Bootea.com

Image credit: Bootea.com

They may not look like much, but these little strips of rubber are incredibly versatile. When it comes to squeezing in a cheeky workout in the comfort of your hotel room, then this little fellow is going to be your best friend.

Rope in your holiday companion for some resistance runs or do some lateral crab walks to work up a sweat. Otherwise, loop it around your thighs or a bed post for some resistance rows, or around your arms and back for a push-up with a little extra oomph.

Use it wisely, and you’ll get a super effective all-over-body workout. Best of all, it won’t take up much room in your suitcase!


Invest in a wearable


If you haven’t already got your mitts on one of the new generation of sports wearables, then a holiday is the perfect excuse to hit the shops.

Fitbit, Garmin and TomTom are just some of the companies that have a range of offerings that will help motivate and track your exercising while on holiday.

Been sitting still on that sun lounger for too long? A little buzz on your wrist will remind you it’s probably time you got up and went for a walk.

Pick one with GPS, and you’ll be perfectly placed to explore your surroundings by going on a nice long run.

It’ll keep you updated on how many steps you’ve walked (you’ll be surprised how many during a day of sightseeing), and how many storeys you’ve climbed. Go for one with heart rate monitoring and you’ll even be able to keep a gauge on the number of calories you’ve burnt in that day.

Nothing like being kept accountable.


Get adventurous


What better way to get under the skin of a destination, and have an amazing time in the process, than heading off on a little adventure?

Set off on a hike up a mountain, get wet on a snorkelling trip out to the nearest reef or dust those oar skills off with a kayaking safari. All of these are great ways to see a destination, and are guaranteed to get you sweating.

This is how all exercise should be done.

Seize the opportunity to explore, and you’ll reap the benefits in more ways than one.

Do you try to stay fit on your holidays?