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The World’s most terrifying Bungee jumps

KarryOn's list of top five bungee jumps that will appease even the fiercest of dare-devils.

KarryOn’s list of top five bungee jumps that will appease even the fiercest of dare-devils.

If you’re anything like me, the thought of strapping a chord to your legs, wilfully jumping off a bridge and plummeting to near certain death before getting yanked up to safety by said chord will send you into a near catatonic state of fear.

However, I understand that there are a few dare devils out there (read: insane) that consider this type of activity a sport.

In honour of you insane types out there, here is a list of tall, long and absolutely terrifying jumps that will have even the most fearless of you holding their breaths.

1. Bloukrans Bridge, South Africa


There have been many attempts to knock the king of bungee off the perch. Nonetheless, at 216 metres from platform to river, Bloukrans Bridge in South Africa is the highest commercial bungee from a bridge in the world.

See the drop here:


2. Kawarau Bridge, Queenstown, New Zealand


Known as the prettiest bungee in the world, Kawarau Bridge is the world’s first ever commercial bungee. It’s 43-metre drop may now be considered child’s play. Nonetheless, with its pristine blue waters and stunning panorama, you’ll have something to look at on your way down. Just don’t stop for a selfie.

Watch Alan John Hackett conquer Kawarau:

3. Bridge at Victoria Fall, between Zimbabwe and Zambia.


Victoria Falls is the sight of the near-fatal jump of 22 year-old Australian, Erin Langworthy. Langworthy, whose chord snapped mid-fall, miraculously survived the 111-metre drop with only a few cuts and a fractured collar bone. The jump was suspended by a Zimbabwean tourism company, post-incident. However, it has since been restored, luring thrill-seekers from all over the globe.

See the beautiful surroundings of the bridge at Victoria falls here:

4. Verzasca Dam, Ticino, Switzerland


For those who believe jumps in daylight are mundane, Verzasca Dam offers bungee at all hours. Illuminated by flood lights, you’ll be plunging down the 220-metre drop. In the dark. If you dare.

Well, do you dare?

5.Macau Tower, Macau, China


Within one of the world’s most renowned gambling districts lies the sight of Alan John Hackett’s 233-metre Guiness World Record jump off the Macau Tower in 2007. There is no bridge. No water. You plummet straight into China’s bustling city-scape. However, since the tower has boasted the title “highest commercial bungee jump” 2007, it may conjure a few dare-devils to attempt to match or beat Hackett.

Watch terrifying go-pro footage of Hackett’s drop:

Where did you last Bungee?