Bigger, better, stronger: working from home but never alone

How many personal travel managers (PTMs) does it take to build a successful travel business? One, of course!

How many personal travel managers (PTMs) does it take to build a successful travel business? One, of course!


But put two together, and they’re pretty much guaranteed to reach levels of success they never thought possible.

Which isn’t really surprising at all when you think about it – after all, everyone that joins the TravelManagers family already brings to the table years of experience, vast industry knowledge and business acumen. So pool all these together and you basically have a recipe for success.

That’s pretty much what PTMs Melanie Whyte (TAS) and Wendy Krukowitch (MEL) did a few years ago and they’ve never looked back.


Melanie – or Mel, as she likes to be called – first met Wendy four years ago on a famil. At the time, Mel was only six months into her TravelManagers business, whilst Wendy was working with another retail agency. But they clicked instantly and when Wendy made the decision to become a PTM like Mel, their friendship blossomed into a partnership that’s grown from strength to strength.

Let’s hear from Mel on why two PTMs working together is better than one.


1. You can support each other


Nothing beats talking to someone who can totally relate to what you’re going through and help you when you’re feeling a little stressed. Sure, TravelManagers provides 24/7 support to everyone, but partnering up with another PTM can make a huge difference, especially when you’re starting out.

Mel agrees on this and has this to say about her experience when she first started working with Wendy:

“In the early days, Wendy came to me a lot with teething problems that you have with any new position. We would talk or chat online pretty much every day, helping each other through challenges – anything from technology questions right through to destination knowledge and tricky airfares. All the questions you would traditionally ask the colleague sitting next to you. In these days of technology with Facetime, Skype and other such mediums, you basically are sitting next to them!”


2. You can take holidays & fill in for each other


Partner up with another successful PTM and not only will you see your business grow unbelievably fast, but you’ll also be able to see more of your family and/or more of the world. That’s because you can take turns in holding the fort whilst the other takes some time away from the job.

And for both Mel and Wendy, this arrangement has worked out perfectly:

“Once Wendy was fully trained up, she took on an official locum role for when I was overseas – that way I could enjoy a break and know that she would have things handled. I would also locum for Wendy when she was away and we just run a system of hours in kind, I go away and then she goes away and at the end we work out how much time we owe each other. So far, no money has changed hands!”


3. You can pool all your resources together


Want to effectively double your client database? Partner up with another PTM! It’s really as simple as that…

This is what Mel had to say about the benefits of pooling your resources together:

“My client base was pretty good when I first moved to TravelManagers, but now it has grown to the point that I have had to close my books for a while. I have a work Facebook page and that is it. It has grown pretty organically through repeats and referrals. My best advice is be amazing and never say no when you’re trying to build your business. That frequent flyer redemption booking will probably lead to three months in Europe the following year!”


4. You’ll never ever be alone


Even if you don’t partner up with another PTM, you’re never really alone – even though there may be vast geographical distances separating you from the other 500+ PTMs across the country.

As Mel puts is:

“I am somewhat geographically isolated from other PTMs, with one part-timer being close to me and my next closest 300km away. But I don’t feel isolated at all. I have a ‘water cooler’ Facebook chat with a few of my colleagues in Brisbane and then there is the PTM only Facebook page which will guarantee you an answer to your question.”

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