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How brands can use Instagram to inspire consumers

For consumers, Instagram is a way to share their work, hobbies, and travel destinations with family and friends and to inspire others.

For consumers, Instagram is a way to share their work, hobbies, and travel destinations with family and friends and to inspire others.

Right now, Instagram is a particularly powerful social media platform, with more than 60 million Instagram photos shared every day. People like to share their photos and then broadcast them back to travellers who may be dreaming of a trip one day, or just got back from one, or are deciding whether to visit a new destination. Consequently, sharing images on Instagram has become a key ingredient in the dreaming and planning stages of Google’s Five Stages of Travel.

For travel brands, Instagram is an ideal social media platform to share your destination, as it is purely image-based. What’s more, Instagram offers up a brilliant opportunity for brands to engage and grow their social presence by inspiring and engaging consumers to share their content, through hashtags.

A good example of how sharing user content to inspire customers is the widely-popular Tourism Australia Instagram account@Australia, which encourages users to share their images of Australia using the hashtag #seeaustralia. Using the hashtag, Tourism Australia searches for the best, most inspirational images of Australia, and re-shares on their Instagram page 24/7.


Tourism Australia’s popular Instagram account

Tourism Australia’s account now has over 500,000 followers, making it the most followed account among travel and tourism brands globally.

The content they share is nothing short of inspirational, and encourages users to share their photos, for the chance to be featured on the @Australia Instagram page. Like any good brand should, Toursim Australia make the consumer the hero, not the brand.

At Klick, we used the insight of inspiration to create the World’s First Instagram Hotel for the 1888 Hotel launch in Sydney. Utilising the popularity of Instagram amongst travellers, we wanted to inspire customers to share their content, by encouraging guests to use the #1888hotel hashtag to win a night’s stay.

People like to see that their own images used, to feel that they are adding value. Consumers want to impress, encourage and inspire others. What better way to connect with customers and grow your social presence than getting your consumers to share their images with you, and inspire others to take the same journey along the way.

 Are you using Instagram for your travel brand?

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