Hurtigruten takeover
Hurtigruten takeover

Can you guess the the world's longest non-stop flight route?

If you answered Qatar Airways' Auckland, New Zealand to Doha, Qatar route, then you know your stuff.

If you answered Qatar Airways’ Auckland, New Zealand to Doha, Qatar route, then you know your stuff.

If you’re jumping on board this flight any time soon, brush up on your circulation boosting exercises because it is a whopping 14,525 kilometre trip which takes almost 18 hours. Talk about ultra-long-haul!

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The world’s second longest flight path probably comes as no surprise to those in the industry, it’s Qantas’ newly launched Perth, Australia to London, England route which comes in close to the longest non-stop flight at 14,498 kilometres. That’s 17 and a half hours sky high. If you can snooze through it sure beats that pesky stop-over.

Number three is another epic flight for the kiwis with Emirates’ Auckland, New Zealand to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates at 14,194 kilometres, followed by United Airlines’ 14,096 kilometre Los Angeles to California to Singapore route and United Airlines’ Houston, Texas to Sydney, Australia flight which covers 13,829 kilometres.

A recent increase in these lengthy flights has been put down to good oil prices, more fuel-efficient airliners and passengers preferring the convenience of non-stop flights.

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Do you prefer to avoid stop-overs when travelling?