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ECO PARADISE: 8 ways Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort Fiji is changing the world

Can one resort really make a difference when it comes to changing the world? Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort Fiji, on the hideaway paradise of Savusavu Island, is on a mission to prove that they can.

Can one resort really make a difference when it comes to changing the world? Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort Fiji, on the hideaway paradise of Savusavu Island, is on a mission to prove that they can.

At JMC (as its affectionately known) ditching plastic straws has never been enough. As one of the world’s first eco hotels, they have always been driven to create a positive influence on the land, marine life, and community around them.

Here are the top 8 ways that JMC are leading change within the resort landscape.

1. One Drop at a Time


Did you know that Jean-Michel Cousteau, the resort founder, is the son of the famed ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau? Then it should come as no surprise that his love of water extends beyond simply diving in it.

JMC created Fiji’s first water reclamation process, recycling the guests’ toothbrush-and-soap grey water, then using it for garden irrigation. This process uses a lowered energy footprint and double dips on most of the resort’s water usage.

2. More Fish in the Sea

Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort Fiji,
Jean-Michel Cousteau’s love of the sea has long spurred his passion for marine conservation. This is demonstrated in his on-site dive school and excursions, as well as the resort’s self-created coral farm. Johnny, the resort’s in-house marine biologist, offers up talks, reef flat walks, and underwater excursions.

There’s also nothing (reef) fishy about their menu. You won’t find one sliver of reef fish on there. Unsurprisingly, once you’ve swum in their home, it’s hard to face them on your plate.

3. From the Roots Up


It’s a satisfying feeling to know that 30% of what’s on your breakfast, lunch or dinner plate is from the organic gardens near your bure. While they like to buy local (the other 69% of the menu), JMC also love to grow local. They have a focus on native plants too.

4. From the Inside Out

Guest wellness is a 2019 hot topic for JMC. With scheduled yoga classes, in-room doTerra diffusers, and plenty of spaces to get mindful (hammock at sunset, anyone?), it’s hard to remain in a negative mindset here. Imbibe in a Fijian herb wellness shots at breakfast. Or, if you fall victim to persistent mosquitos or minor scrapes, stop by to see Mario, the local plant specialist.

5. People Power

Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort Fiji,
It’s not just your wellness that is a priority, but the entire resort staff’s too. It’s the ultimate giveback in our books. Staff wellness includes coastal walks (including trash pick up), weekly sports, and presentations that encourage change from the ground up. The results are evident through the beaming #bulaspirit smiles gifted frequently.

6. Breath of Fresh Air

Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort Fiji
JMC bures emanate the traditional thatch homes of the region. Designed to encourage natural airflow, the roofs make air-conditioning a thing of the past here. You may think it impossible in Fiji’s climate, but I can report not even a ceiling fan was needed.

7. “The Water’s Fine”

Perhaps my favourite under-the-radar enterprise at JMC is their mosquito management plan. Like most tropical resorts, the bure windows have mosquito screens, but they’ve gone full Rambo with their waterleaf pond. Acting like a siren calling a sailor out to sea, the pond lures those pesky blighters in. Then, underwater traps snare them before they can snare you.

8. Home Remedy

JMC resort Fiji

JMC was heavily hit after 2016’s devastating Cyclone Winston – shutting their doors for six months. Aside from getting a renovated property, there was a focus during the rebuild on future-proofing the place. This includes on-going mangrove restoration to entice more fish and protect the coastal line from erosion.

We salute Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort for leading the way. Their three Leading Green Hotel awards) are well-deserved accolades for their commitment to the planet. Bravo Jean-Michel Cousteau, bravo!

“Conservation is a state of harmony between men and land.” – Aldo Leopold

Are you impressed with JMC’s conservation efforts?