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Flavours of Malaysia Food Festival kicks off

Last evening guests were invited to enjoy amazing Malaysian cuisine at The Grace Hotel at the launch of the Flavours of Malaysia Food Festival.

Last evening guests were invited to enjoy amazing Malaysian cuisine at The Grace Hotel at the launch of the Flavours of Malaysia Food Festival.

With influences from the Chinese, Indian and Portuguese cuisines the Malaysian kitchen offers anything from rich flavoursome curries, fresh fruit salads to amazing sweets made from pandan and palm sugar making the cuisine incredibly diverse and interesting.


Ringing the gong!

Last night Tourism Malaysia’s Australian Director, Roslan Abdullah was joined by representatives from Malaysia’s High Commission, The Federal Hotel Group, Malaysia Airlines and Ayam for the official launch of the Festival at the Grace Hotel, where they were treated to a spectacular Malaysian Banquet Festival prepared by the four visiting chefs. Mr Roslan Abdullah also announced 2015 as Malaysia’s official Year of Festivals, following on from this year’s successful Visit Malaysia campaign, which has seen a solid rise in tourism numbers to the country over the past twelve months.

Flavours of Malaysia, 25 Sep – 12 Oct


Impressive sweet treats!

During the fortnight-long event, The Grace Hotel’s Brasserie Restaurant will be transformed into an aromatic hub with the help of four Malaysian chefs, who have prepared the menus and have been flown in from Kuala Lumpur especially for the event. Head Chef Tan Kok Siong and his team will be showcasing a range of specialty dishes from different Malaysian regions including Kedah, Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Perak. Guests will enjoy popular local recipes, authentic specialty dishes and traditional food from each region, all in served in decadent buffet style reminiscent of a typical Malaysian Hawkers’ Market.


Malaysian top chefs from K.L

The Flavours of Malaysia buffet will be available for lunch from Tuesday to Friday, as well as Sunday and dinner onFriday and Saturday nights. For your to chance to sample an array of exotic,succulent, spicy and aromatic dishes over the two week food festival, call 02 9272 6670, email or visit for more information.

Flavours of Malaysia Menu

Some of the dishes that will be served include:


  • Soto Ayam (Chicken Herbs Spices Soup with Rice Cake, Chicken Minced & Potato Diced) -Penang


  • Nasi Putih (Steamed Rice)
  • Mee Siam (Fried Vermicelli Rice Noodles with Chili Paste & Dried Shrimp)
  • Rendang Tok (Beef Cooked in Grated Coconut & Coconut Milk)
  • Ikan Kari (Fish with Lady Finger in Curry Sauce)
  • Udang Tumis Petai (Prawn Sambal with Petai)
  • Tau Fu dengan Chili (Fried Bean Curd with Chicken Minced & Chili)
  • Sotong Goreng Garam Kunyit (Fried Squids in Turmeric and Salt)
  • Sambal Nanas (Pineapple in Sambal Sauce)


  • Roti Canai dengan Sayur Dhall dan Sambal Bawang (Roti Prata with Dhal Vegetable & Chili Paste Sauce)
  • Mee Udang Penang Style (Prawn Broth with Spicy Gravy) -Penang
  • Chicken & Beef Satay with Condiments

What’s your favourite Malaysian dish?