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HOT or NOT: the best and worst of travel

Our weekly ‘Hot or Not’ series brings you some of the highs and lows in this week’s travel news headlines.

Our weekly ‘Hot or Not’ series brings you some of the highs and lows in this week’s travel news headlines.




1. Virgin Australia’s racy service

travel Virgin Australia hot

Carry your own Melbourne Cup hat at the airport? That’s absurd! Virgin Australia will take that for you.

The airline has launched a Hat Valet service in time for Melbourne Cup which provides first-class handling of the most important fashion accessory for customers travelling from Sydney to Melbourne.

As part of the service, the airline will hand-deliver hats and fascinators as well as provide personalised services to ensure guests arrive in Melbourne in style and race-day ready.

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2. Chanel Iman lands on Jetstar’s runway

travel Jetstar HOT

Jetstar has entered the fashion world and has recruited Sunglass Hut and international model, Chanel Iman, to help launch a bespoke sunglasses range.

The entire collection of capsule glasses will be available at all Sunglass Hut stores around Australia from 18 November – select styles will be available to pre-purchase from Jetstar Duty Free or on Jetstar.com.

To promote the new range, Jetstar has painted one of its A320s with two supermodels wearing the new accessory. It will be used on flights around Australia and on international services to Bali and Fiji.

Jetstar’s Head of Product, Carly Povey, said sunnies and travel go hand-in-hand and launching a the carrier’s own range will give passengers the chance to purchase ‘great quality travel essentials’.

“That’s why we’re so excited to be partnering with Sunglass Hut to offer this new fashionable range of sunglasses curated by a top model.”

Carly Povey, Jetstar Head of Product


3. Avis Scholarship finalists are…

travel MTA

Every submission was checked, reviewed and check again, before the judging panel for the 2015 Avis Scholarship culled entires down to just five finalists.

Congratulations to: Debbie Andrews – MTA Travel (WA); Barbara Baron – Southside World Travel (NSW); Kim Hall – American Express Global Business Travel (NSW); Jill Rimmer – Phil Hoffmann Travel (South Australia) and Belinda van Tholen – MTA Travel (Tasmania).

The awesome fivesome were selected as finalists for their work in providing outstanding customer service to every client.

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1. Woolworths splits from Qantas FF

Woolies NOT

Shoppers and travellers weren’t happy this week when Woolworths revealed a new rewards system which didn’t include Qantas Frequent Flyer.

After eight years of exchanging points and benefits, the grocery chain revealed it would give customers ‘Woolworths Dollar’s instead that can be used to purchase food, alcohol or fuel with the company.

While the grocer said customers would earn more points per dollar under the new rewards system, long-term loyalty members weren’t happy, saying they’d prefer to use their points on free flights.

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2. Drunk plane passenger demands sex

drunk pax not

A man on a recent Sun Express flight was so desperate to join the mile high club, he reportedly started demanding sex from flight attendants.

The drunk man was flying from Dublin to Turkey when he started insulting crew and even tried to physically attack inflight workers, a spokesperson for the Serbian Interior Ministry said.

The Ministry described the man as ‘visibly intoxicated, aggressive and very rude’ and said he needed to be detained by guards.

While he ‘sobered up’ the plane made an emergency landing in Belgrade, Serbia.

According to reports, the man wasn’t the only one on the flight behaving disorderly, there was also an intoxicated female who was allegedly offering sex to airport employees.


3. Hold onto your seats…

… because the plane won’t be stopping by the passenger walkway, it’s going to go straight through it.

Travellers waiting at Mexico City International Airport were in shock while they watched an aircraft belonging to Mexican no frills carrier, InterJet, plough into a walkway earlier this week.

According to the Daily Mail, the plane was being towed from its hangar and take position at the terminal, however, instead it crashed into the passenger transporter.

The cockpit suffered the most damage because the nose was dragged underneath the walkway.

On lookers say no was injured during the incident.

Have you read anything HOT or NOT in travel this week?