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Is boozing synonymous with the travel industry?

Sports and alcohol go hand-in-hand, but at closer inspection, it would also seem that travel and alcohol do the same - but how does travel hold up to the boozy culture of sports?

Sports and alcohol go hand-in-hand, but at closer inspection, it would also seem that travel and alcohol do the same – but how does travel hold up to the boozy culture of sports?

It’s probably not a question you ask yourself often, but it’s one you should consider.

Can you imagine being there when your team wins the world cup?

I was there, and even though the sport itself isn’t tense, it demands solid, focused drinking, to tune in for eight hours.

I was on mid-strength beers, which requires a devotion to get hammered.

Mix that with $83 worth of chips (two small serves… okay maybe large serves) and the bloating beats the best of them.

It was that occasion that I realised – I am not capable of drinking mid-strength beer to the point of being pissed.

travel agents boozing

Beers and sports go hand-in-hand, but does boozing and travel?

Then there was that other time my team lost the grand finals.

That celebration (or losing piss-up) would compare to that of the Aussies on Sunday 2001. But it was pre-social media thank god.

However, some things I will never unsee… ever.

Okay, you pulled my leg. I’ll tell you a few of things I’ve seen:

There was a nude intraclub practice match at 1am. Someone shagged someone else’s girlfriend in the pub dunny. I got a phone number but forgot the name. I woke up the next day realising I’d be seeing the surgeon for a dodgy knee. Naturally I iced it and headed back down the pub….

Beer and lots of it – that’s sporting clubs with blokes and testosterone and competition.

Is netball much different? A Sav Blanc instead?

For a laugh, let’s consider, is the travel industry in Australia any better? Does it matter? Does anyone care?

Let’s go back to the legendary Xmas Travel League of yesteryear. I’m talking long before Craig and Matt turned it into the spectacular it is now.

Back then there was ‘alleged’ drunken shagging behind the curtains and in the dunnies. Oh, and don’t forget TAA and Ansett staff cavorted and cross-bred.

Jump forward and whilst the modern day Xmas Travel League is VERY well run (and just a good event reference for this story, don’t get upset Matt and Craig, I luv’s ya), like every big Chrissy party, it goes sideways at some stage.

travel agents boozing 2

Is a Christmas party really a Christmas party without the drunken stories?

I mean really, is it a Xmas party if someone doesn’t make a cock of themselves?

I’ve seen some CRACKING photographs. But I’ll never forget the interstate wholesale group who were marched out of Crown by security for hassling a young lady behind the bar? Not necessarily harmful actions but definitely not sober ones.

I went on a famil a couple of years ago to an alcohol free country and can you believe (well you probably can) that some people missed their flights because they were too hammered to make it to the reception desk for the transfer to the airport to get home.

And that was a famil to an alcohol free country (I felt the need to reiterate that point).

How about the average industry night? I would not dare run one without a selection of quality reds, whites and boutique beer. It’s after work, the snacks are salty… we’re all adults, right?

visiting friends and family

Are famils all about destination, culture, food and getting wasted?

Been a good customer? Sure, we’ll send you a bottle of champagne to say thanks.

How about travelling in general? Can you imagine this conversation:

“So Mr Jones, here’s your tickets, your hotel vouchers, immigration forms, insurance oh and please, let’s go easy on the pool side drinks this time shall we…”

Or how’s about:

“Would you like a champagne before we take off?”

“Um, no thank you, it’s only 3.00pm.”

Ain’t gonna happen.

So, is drinking synonymous with the travel industry?

Straight answer – yup.

Ah, it’s a leisure industry. No one drinks on corporate trips, taking advantage of hiding that $25 glass of Shiraz on the company card, right?

So does anyone care?

Not really.

It’s just representative of Australian culture as a whole, right?

Does Australia therefore have a drinking problem?

Lets discuss it over a craft ale.

So what do you think is the industry a bunch of drunks or is it just Australia in general?