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How to meditate daily while travelling

Travelling can be a tiring business. So whether you're an ardent meditation devotee or not, what better time to either increase or start your practice than when you're on the move.

Travelling can be a tiring business. So whether you’re an ardent meditation devotee or not, what better time to either increase or start your practice than when you’re on the move.

Although meditation is essentially quietening a busy or noisy mind so that you become more peaceful, achieve more clarity, and heighten your creativity and intuition, it’s also something that requires discipline and persistence. What’s more, you need to see and feel the value of it to sustain it.

For some, it can be a bit like signing up for a gym membership where you diligently go along for the first couple of months, then you forget to go or you lose interest. Sure, meditation can be hard to start, and it’s not an overnight accomplishment, but once you start to persevere with it on a daily basis, you will reap the benefits of reconnecting to your true self.

Here’s how to get the most out of meditation while travelling:

Make the most of your downtime


Make sure to switch off your phone on your next holiday!

Honestly, with the advancements in technology these days there are so many meditations available for download from the likes of YouTube and various self-development websites, you’d be hard-pressed not to find one.

Even better, you can put them straight on your smart phone or tablet. And whether you travel by plane, train, ship or bus, you can instantly plug-in to these meditations, like I do on flights, to make the most of your downtime.

So instead of watching an inflight movie, reading a book, or speaking to the person sitting next to you, put your headphones on or earplugs in, be still, and during your silent time start tuning in to yourself. It’s the perfect distraction-free environment to do your practice, plus you’ll probably step off your transportation feeling more refreshed.

Sunset & sunrise meditations


Start the day with a meditation session in the sunrise

Personally, I believe that 20 minutes twice a day is best to gain the maximum benefit from meditation. Even better is doing it for 20 minutes at sunrise and then again at sunset. And while a serene beach, parkland, mountaintop, or rainforest location sounds idyllic, it can be done regardless of where you are in the world.

After awakening, stretching, and having a glass of water, you can start to fine-tune your mind at the beginning of your day, which essentially puts you in a calmer, clearer and more positive state from the outset.

Then later on, as the sun goes down, the second meditation will normally build upon the first. Although doing this twice daily meditation will help you get the most value out of it, remember, you don’t need to put pressure on yourself either. Of course, starting off once a day for five or 10 minutes is absolutely fine to get into a regular habit. After that, aim to build up how much time you spend meditating daily.

Vary your mental vacation


Why not meditate with your partner?

Whether it’s a guided meditation, a sound vibration meditation, or just quietly focusing on your breath going in and out, every meditation has its own uniqueness. What’s more, one is not necessarily better than another.

I particularly like to use sound technology meditation and the ‘I Am’ meditation, plus I enjoy listening to sound frequencies that help me get into the REM state. With some meditations, you’ll find that you don’t get the peace and tranquility that you want, so you might have one meditation where you feel like nothing has actually happened, while another provides complete bliss. It’s also important not to judge the meditation where nothing has happened, nor any emotions or experiences relating to it.

Sometimes I’ll come out of meditation and I will be more anxious, frustrated or restless than before I started. Instead, commend yourself for sitting still for 20 minutes. Whether you realise it or not, every meditation has its benefit.

Peace of mind


Meditation will benefit both your body and mind

Meditation is the cornerstone of what I do in all areas of life. Not only is it the way to go within and quieten your mind, it helps you get the answers and solutions to your problems or challenges, including those times when you need to make big decisions. Even when you are on holiday unexpected things can happen. For instance, your flight might be cancelled at the last minute, or extreme weather may hamper your plans.

Regardless, decisions still need to be made from a quiet mind, not a busy or anxious one, otherwise you are are more likely to make the wrong choice. Another benefit of meditation is that it brings up anything that needs healing, such as emotional turmoil or past hurts. It’s also important not to resist what’s coming up. Instead, acknowledge the feelings and then allow them to dissolve. By doing meditation every day, you’ll start seeing improvements in your consciousness.

Do you been meditate on your travels? Share your tips with us!