Mobile Travel Agents’ (MTA) ‘Zero Flight Risk’ promise has come into play following the shock collapse of Tempo Holidays and Bentours last week.

The 100 per cent funds guarantee policy (which launched in February 2015) means that their 420 plus advisors and their clients caught up are not impacted by the situation.

Under the initiative, any client purchasing travel through MTA has the assurance that the company will guarantee their funds in the event of any approved travel intermediary or end supplier becoming insolvent and being unable to deliver the product or service.


MTA said since news of the collapse broke, their emergency team has “taken urgent steps ensuring not one client will lose a single cent or have their travel disrupted”.

Describing the situation as being “potentially devastating to clients and Advisors”, co-managing director Karen Merricks, who along with fellow co-director Roy Merricks is supporting the emergency team, said that the company has been working directly with ground operators across the globe to make sure every client was able to enjoy their holidays and all tours booked went ahead as planned.

“It’s a very sad day for our travel industry and everyone caught up in this collapse, but happily for MTA Advisors and their clients, our ‘Zero Flight Risk’ initiative has ensured not one single client has had to pay or will have to pay, anything – we have the situation covered.”

MTA co-managing director Karen Merricks

She said the feedback received over the weekend from their Advisors, and via them, their clients had been amazing.

“There are some very grateful people out there,” she said.

“Again, it’s a great example of just what being a member of MTA means for both our Advisors and their clients’ funds which are fully protected from the insolvency of wholesalers and suppliers”.

MTA co-managing director Karen Merricks