You’re sure to spot that Air Canada plane touching down and wheeling towards the airport hangar now that the entire fleet is receiving a bold, sleek and classy makeover.

The airline unveiled a variety of changes to its inflight experience this week, including new livery which will see large portions of its aircraft painted black including the tail, turbine engines and the belly.

Even the ‘Air Canada’ logo is converting from red to black.

Air Canada 2

According to the carrier, the new black and white design is inspired by Canada’s contrasting seasons as well as its history and wildlife.

President Benjamin Smith said the new livery also reflects a “pivotal inflection point in” the airline’s 80-year history and that it represents “that strength of our nation and the future-looking spirit of our airline”.

Air Canada 3

The first three aircraft sporting the new look have entered service.

To match the new livery, Air Canada has also unveiled charcoal grey and black employee uniforms with red accents and accessories by Canadian designer Christopher Bates.

Air Canada 1

Described as ‘urban chic’ mixed with ‘international flair’ the uniforms complement the new aircraft exterior and interior designs.

Everyone from pilots, flight attendants, airport customer service agents to other uniformed personnel will receive new uniforms and will start wearing them towards the end of this year.


If that wasn’t enough change, how about a new menu?

Air Canada is working with sommelier, Véronique Rivest, develop Air Canada’s wine program with a selection of Canadian, old and new world wine. Selections will change with each season but will remain ‘the best wines to be enjoyed at 30,000-feet’.

New wine choices will also be compliment Signature dishes created by Chef Hawksworth, which use the finest ingredients from across Canada.

What do you think of the new livery?