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Hours spent scratching your head and tunnelling through the travel landscape in search of the perfect product for your clients has been relegated to nostalgia, thanks to Excite Holidays’ new search bar.

Fast. Sleek. Simple.

These three attributes have completely informed the design of an all new search bar that promises to make life as a Travel Agent just that little bit easier.

By streamlining the search process and pairing it with Excite Holidays’ extensive travel inventory, Excite Holidays has made search so easy for agents, helping them find exactly what they need with minimum fuss.

Just how easy, you ask?

Well, now you can…


1. Search by hotel name, location, or place of interest


Book your clients into the best hotel in the city, or place them close to all the action with a simple set of keystrokes and click of a button. Voila! Agents can make the search as detailed and specific as they want, cutting down the time it takes them to find the product that fits the bill.

It will basically make you a more efficient agent and help you spend more time consulting instead of trying to sift through pages of irrelevant search results.


2. Sift through the results with new advanced filters

Finding the exact hotel, tour or transfer to meet your clients’ needs is now even easier thanks to some cool advanced filters (e.g., by price, star rating, facilities, area, etc) that sort through the results in record time, leaving you only with products that are ideally suited.

The Excite Holidays team has worked tirelessly to make the new search bar convenient and easy to use – whilst still looking good. And they’ve definitely succeeded!


3. Have your results updated in real-time


Some cool behind-the-scenes programming ensures that the results that appear on your screen are always up-to-date in real-time. This means that what you see on your screen is exactly what you’ll be booking in for your clients, at the exact same rate and availability.

Yep, no more clicking a refresh button to make sure nothing has changed…

Visit www.exciteholidays.com to see the new search bar in action and experience the magic for yourself!

Have you used Excite Holidays’ new search bar yet?

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