Another unnamed Australian male sports team were again the centre of attention yesterday with numerous female passengers on a flight from Sydney to the Gold Coast.

The thirty strong group of (mostly) young, muscly men wearing blue polo shirts, caps, compression skins, backpacks and impossibly tights shorts were reportedly on their way to “play someone at something” according to one impressed and rather delirious female passenger, Joan Strong (38) from Sans Souci in Sydney’s South.

Strong gushed “I don’t know anything about sport and I couldn’t give a rats who they were… But jeez they had some guns”.

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Many of the men, some with beards were also wearing Beats by Dr Dre headphones on their heads.

Most of the men stared at their phones during the short flight, with some of the players standing up and performing suggestive stretches and muscle flexes in the aisles for a crowd of interested onlookers.

Whilst “oohs and ahhs” were heard in unison from many of the passengers, one Robina woman, Jenny Whatmoor (22) said;

“Sh*t they were hot. Like, really, really hot. My friend Michaela said she liked the really tall gnarly one but he had too many tats for me and looked a bit angry to be honest. The shorter blond guy with the diamond earring was the hottest I reckon. He had a cheeky smile too”.

An eye witness representation of who a female passenger thought she saw

Some of the male passengers on board however had mixed opinions with one man remarking angrily “Yeah whatever, those mongrels get paid too much anyway. I don’t trust them” and another saying “Ooh I like big Fijian guy, he’s a total dreamboat”.

Most of the other male passengers simply looked away, pretending not to notice the young men’s superior muscles and actual existence on the plane, though one man was heard to shout “Go you Roosters”.

The scent voted most popular from SYD-OOL

The scent voted most popular from SYD-OOL

Flight attendant Dawn Aquila (27), having just taken a selfie with one of the players said that “she sees them all the time” and that “she loves tattoos and the smell of Lynx Africa mixed with Deep Heat as it’s the mark of a real man”.

Who these men actually were it seemed, wasn’t important for most of the female passengers on the flight, many who giddily disembarked at Coolangatta with big smiles on their faces.

“What an epic start to my holiday” Said Alicia Stiles (26) from Manly Vale, continuing that she “Hoped she would see them out later on tonight at Melba’s on Cavill Avenue”.

Have you seen any famous sporting celebs (or just hot guys) on your travels recently? Share your thoughts below.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a KarryOn Comedy article and is obviously satire. It should in no way be taken seriously, unless you want to that is.