Take a minute to think of an alternative reality, a world in which would-be meth producers flock to the travel industry to rake in the money and pull in the power.

Because everyone with their marbles sorted knows that the BIG money is found in travel agent-ing…


It’s true, and in this alternative world, characters that we know and love/hate from the hit show Breaking Bad ply their trade as hard-working travel agents – kind of like you.

What would they be like to work with? You ask.

Would they be killer sales men and women?

And what lengths would they go to to seal the deal?

Let’s take a look…


Walter White – Area Leader; Owl; Quiet Achiever


Source: screenrant.com

Bearing a striking resemblance to our very own Skroo Turner (don’t you think?), Walter White would totally be the Area Leader with his spectacle-assisted vision set firmly on taking over the entire brand (world?).

He would know ALL the Gal commands as well as he knows the periodic table, and he wouldn’t exactly shy away from doing the dodgy to make as much $$$ as he could from a booking.

Being an owl, he’d be a super attentive travel agent to have in your corner, but unlike most owls, Walter the travel agent would have no problems at all getting in someone’s face to assert his authority.

He’d be a good boss to work for though, and he’d definitely teach you the ins and outs of the trade. Just don’t try to cross him – EVER.

Sales: 3/5

Charisma: 3/5

Intelligence: 5/5


Jesse Pinkman – the old Novice; Peacock; Liability


Source: blockstabfatality.deviantart.com

Jesse would be the type of agent that “doesn’t really get” how to use Gal and other systems in the store, even though he’s two years past his six month Novice probation period. But that’s not really an issue for Jesse or the team he works with, simply because he knows how to bring in the sales.

As a peacock, Jesse commands the attention and (kind of) respect of his clients (assuming they’re young; preferably female) and he’s able to charm his way through thousand dollar Gap year European holidays and the odd $10k cruise booking from an elderly lady.

But in the end he’s a liability. Jesse’s incompetence and disregard for the rules and systems in place in your standard agency always lands him in negs – sometimes even in legal trouble. His only redeeming factor is his loyalty: work alongside him, and he’ll back you up. Always.

Sales: 4/5

Charisma: 4/5

Intelligence: 2/5


Saul Goodman – Team Leader; peacock; Dodgy


Source: denofgeek.com

If you were at the same industry event as Saul the travel agent, you’d hear him telling his stories from across the room – which is what you’d expect from an ultra peacock. Then he’d probably introduce himself to you, with that big plastic smile!

This is a guy who can talk himself out of (almost) anything – except negs to airlines (no one can do that) – and it’d be best not to enter into an argument with him as he’ll just wear you down with his incessant ranting and convert you to his side. Even customers with legitimate objections aren’t able to resist his persuasive ways, and it’s this skill that makes him such a successful travel agent.

But don’t let his cheesy exterior and sales-y ways get to you. Saul as an agent ultimately wants what is best for you; it’s just that he’ll always be taking a cut for himself. In fact, he actually has dove tendencies, which kind of makes him a peace maker in the end.

Sales: 5/5

Charisma: 5/5

Intelligence: 4/5

Which other Breaking Bad characters would you like analysed as agents?