A brave, remarkably candid, and honest Facebook post by Intrepid General Manager of Sales (APAC) Peter Rawley has revealed to the industry what many have suspected for some time – he has the man flu.

The popular and normally energetic leader with a career spanning twenty plus years in the industry has this time been brought to his knees with a fever of the like that even the day after a Flight Centre buzz night could not muster.

The travel industry has responded with a shower of wishes for a speedy recovery for Rawley, as well as numerous gestures of support, likes and comments on Facebook.


Executives from Karryon, APT, AAT Kings, Carnival Cruise Lines, Princess Cruise Lines, and Flight Centre New Zealand have all committed to shaving their heads to support Rawley.

Travel agents from around Australia and New Zealand have rallied to designate this coming Friday (co-incidentally St. Patrick’s Day) as “Wear Green for Pete on ‘St.Pete’s” day.

“Green is Pete’s favourite colour, and also the colour of his mucous,” said a perviously close but now very distant friend.


Pubs around Australia and New Zealand have confirmed they will support this, and offer discounts on Irish Beers, Rawley’s favourite.

At this stage, Flight Centre Global Ball, The helloworld Owner Managers Conference and the NTIA Awards are still going ahead, but will “very likely” be cancelled in the event that Rawley’s Man Flu requires him to visit his GP.

Rawley himself said in a croaky voice that “Lemsip and Codral weren’t cutting it, that he needed something stronger and could someone please go and get him a bottle of Jameson’s Whiskey asap”.

For those unfamiliar with Man Flu, according to the sufferer – it is much more painful than child birth. It is crippling, requiring the males partner and mates to drop whatever they are doing immediately and do whatever they can do to help the man flu sufferer. Whatever it takes.

Staff at Intrepid Head Office in Melbourne said they were already “Sick to death of Rawley’s sniffing and whinging”and hoped he would “get better real soon for all our sakes”.

A hashtag has been set up in his honour to spread the word (not the virus) #saverawley

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a KarryOn Comedy article and is obviously satire. It should in no way be taken seriously, unless you want to that is.

Have you had man flu before? Maybe you’ve had to put up with a partner who has? Share your thoughts below.