To celebrate Christmas AND one of the most hotly anticipated movies of 2015/16, roomsXML invited 70 guests, comprised of travel agents and their kids, to see the new Star Wars movie on 19 December, 2015.

The special screening was run in the 80 seat Lido Cinema in Hawthorn, Victoria. Guests were treated to popcorn and drinks on arrival and a special treat involved the participation of the “501st Legion”, a not for profit group who have an intense love of Star Wars dress up.

They charge nothing to come along in full Star Wars gear to an event provided the hosts make a donation.

Mark Luckey, managing director of roomsXML says “I can’t remember the last time both kids and parents have been so excited about a new movie. I remember seeing the Empire strikes back at the cinemas when it came out as a six-year-old. It was awesome fun to run a work event that gave agents and their kids chock top special movie treat.”

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roomsXML donated $2500 to both the Samridhidhi trust and Project Karma.

Glen Hulley from Project Karma was a special guest having just arrived back from groundbreaking work in Thailand.

It was a real treat to have Glen there. For the past month he’s been sacrificing his time away from his family and so to have him there and enjoy the day with one of his boys was awesome. The 501st Legion, what a group. Giving up their time for nothing to put a smile on the face of kids at the event. Cheers Gus.”

Mark Luckey, Managing Director, roomsXML

And the movie? You’ve all seen it already anyway!

For those wondering why Mark nearly fell off his chair during the welcome speech and he and Sasha were off with the fairies, their flight from Kuala Lumpur the night before was delayed by five hours seeing them walk into their house at 2:30 AM in the morning following a 36 hour transit back from India.

Did you attend the event?