Married at First Sight has been one of the most fascinating social experiments played out on our screens, and if nothing else, it shows how desperate some people are to find love.

But imagine if there was a travel industry equivalent?

What if a team of experts (travel, psychology and consumer behaviour) sifted through a pile of 20 different client profiles and allocated each to select agents across the country on the condition that they remain clients for life?

How would they get along? Would there be drama? And would the client remain faithful?

A new TV show is reportedly in production that attempts to put these questions to the test in a new social experiment that matches clients to agents to see whether the experts actually know what they’re on about.

Clients at First Sight will take its inspiration from the uber successful and uber cringeworthy Married at First Sight.

But instead of love being the end goal, the purpose of the matchings will be to create long-lasting client-agent relationships that stand the test of time.


After an intensive selection process, four clients will be allocated to four different Travel Agents in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth based on their psychological make-up, demonstrated consumer behaviour and travel personality.

Speaking with KarryOn on the condition that they remain anonymous, one of the higher ups in the production team informed us that the psychological testing was really nothing more than Flight Centre bird type analysis.

On a side note, it turns out this respected mode of psychological inquiry was actually pioneered by Jung after his first visit to a travel agency in Vienna (Source:

The new show will also test the ability of clients to remain loyal to their agents at a time of intense competition from both online and other agents. According to another anonymous source, the first show contained a few tense moments when a client was filmed shopping around on a quote received by their matched up agent just three hours after meeting.

The source has remained tight-lipped over the aftermath of this betrayal, but one can only assume that such drama was written into the script of the show for the purposes of mere entertainment. We’ll have to wait and see how that all turns out once the show beings airing on 7 December this year.


According to the show’s creators, if the client and agent remain loyal and committed to cementing their relationship beyond the initial six-week honeymoon period, both the client and agent will reap some pretty significant rewards.

Producers of the show have hinted that the client will receive a 20 percent discount on all their travels, whilst the agent will be given the moral green light to mark up the same amount on all their quotes.

It’s tit for tat, and tat for tit, and as long as everyone in the relationship is at least mildly happy, is win-win for all. Because at the end of the day, if you can find the perfect client, and them the perfect agent, ain’t that what being a Travel Agent is all about?

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IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a KarryOn Comedy article and is obviously satire. It should in no way be taken seriously, unless you want to that is.

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