It doesn’t look like this whole Webjet shemozzle is going to disappear anytime soon. That’s okay though, it’s not like Travel Agents have had an easy life up until now anyways – and that’s half the point…

…we know how to change, we know how to fix things when they go wrong and we know how to tailor our services to our customers needs.

Webjet does not.

I’m not going to harp on about all the things that Webjet can’t do, even though they say they can, Shaun Busuttil has perfectly covered that already with his article here last week.

We’ve survived volcanoes, strikes, sudden insolvencies of airlines and tour companies, terror attacks, wars, fuel hikes and the ‘online revolution’. Do you really think that a couple inflammatory little TVA’s are going to bring us down?

Travel Agent Webjet

But, are we playing right into their sneaky little plan to make these silly TVA’s viral? As the old saying goes, “any publicity is good publicity”.

Their Facebook page has turned into a virtual mudslinging arena and another page has even sprouted up to fight back, here.

With all the vitriol being thrown towards them, I haven’t seen one response from Webjet. This leads me to believe that their plan is to sit quietly with a big bowl of jerk popcorn and enjoy the free publicity – and it’s all going to plan.


So, how do Travel Agents fight back?

Throwing stones Webjet

We need to educate our customers and potential customers on the front lines. It can be awkward and difficult for Travel Agents to talk about their competition so openly, but this is what needs to happen. We can’t assume that our clients know about the benefits that come with booking with a real person.

It can be easier to play the Webjet way and talk negatively about our competition, but as we already know, this isn’t a good look – and using these tactics has shown that even Webjet’s own customers have turned against them.

So, lets hold our heads high and fight back with dignity, like real people would. Webjet throws stones and then runs and hides. Travel Agents do the opposite; by starting conversations (and finishing them) this is why most customers prefer booking with us, rather than spending money with a faceless corporation with a scary baritone voiceover guy.

Talk about that time that you saved the day when a customer’s flight was cancelled on the way to a wedding. Tell your potential new client about how you personally visited the hotel that you’re recommending; and where to find the world’s best fish tacos, right around the corner. Speak freely about the amount of choice there is online; and the dangers in choosing holidays based on the reviews of strangers.

Most importantly, ask your customers to support YOU; a person; that devoted countless hours, days, weeks, months and years to become a Professional Travel Agent, rather than a website.

How will you fight back against Webjet?