It’s hard to spot the difference between a travel and a secret agent. Both are sooooo good looking, both are total pros, and both usually have something verging on a drinking problem.

Ha! Just kidding about the last one…

But seriously, these two types of agents actually have A LOT in common, expect for this one thing

Before we get to this crucial point of difference, though, let’s re-cap on many of the ways travel agents and secret agents are very, very similar.


1. MATCH: Both types travel on a mission



Secret agents are usually on some kind of mission when they travel. That mission can range from taking out this or that political leader, or simply planting a bug at some adversarial’s office to get the inside goss on all their dealings.

Likewise, travel agents – when travelling in a work capacity, which is often – also travel with their own little mission, which is something to the effect of getting as plasted as humanly possible without getting dismissed!

Like a secret agent though, they’re not likely to tell you the real reason for their travels, but instead claim that they’re travelling to such and such a destination to scope out the range of hotels they can book their clients at when they return in the office. Yeah right!


2. MATCH: Both types travel more than the average Joe



The next time you’re at an airport waiting to go through security, look around at the other people waiting in the line ahead and behind you. Odds are that at least two out of the 50 people you see will be either travel or secret agents.

Both of these types of agent travel A LOT, and you’re likely to find both of their passports (multiple passports in the case of the secret agent) choc-a-bloc full of stamps and stickers and signatures.


3. MATCH: Both types are extremely charismatic



Another commonality between both types of agents is their personality and their ability to sell – both themselves and whatever it is they’re pushing. Both secret and travel agents also absolutely ooze the charisma, and they’re able to get along with pretty much anyone.

They’re both fantastic observers too. Indeed, any secret agent worth their secret salt can spy the pants off anyone; and the travel agent’s talent at noting the interpersonal (sometime romantic) dynamics of their colleagues at industry events, and then noting them down for future reference (under “industry gossip”), is remarkable.


4. MATCH: Both types have excellent BS detectors



Some of it may come from the experience, and some of it from in-borne talent, but both types of agents are bloody awesome at detecting BS when they hear it.

Secret agents are able to sift through the BS often thrown their way to confuse them and keep the truth well hidden, whilst travel agents are able to tell when a client isn’t just “thinking about the quote” but is actually shopping around on them.


But this is where the similarities end…


Unlike secret agents, travel agents never do any, ANY harm and they never, EVER kill anyone! Travel agents don’t destroy – they help make travel dreams come true. They also don’t carry guns, at least not in Australia and most other parts of the world…

But even more important than these differences is the fact that travel agents are overwhelmingly loyal, and the spirit of helping their fellow agent is worthy of a medal of honour.

In sum, travel agents are agents for good in what is arguably the best industry in the world!

So the next time you’re at the office or store or wherever you work, just remember: James Bond ain’t got nothing on you!

How else do secret agents and travel agents differ? Tell us, we’d love to hear what you think.