It’s been a while since Air New Zealand last surprised the internet (and its flyers) with a celebrity-packed safety video – six months to be exact.

The last time the Kiwi carrier had our undivided inflight attention was back in December last year when a supermodel and a Game of Thrones star showed us how to buckle up, and before that it was Anna Faris telling us where to find our inflatable life jackets.

This time Air New Zealand has recruited American actors Katie Holmes and Cuba Gooding Jr. to give us the safety rundown while also showing off New Zealand’s “little corner of the world”.

Air New Zealand 2

Unlike the carrier’s previous Hollywood-themed videos (remember that epic Men in Black clip?), the new four-minute safety feature takes inspiration from New Zealand Tourism’s latest promo by taking viewers on a ‘Fantastical Journey’ through New Zealand’s natural beauty.

Backed by music from Kiwi artist, Gin Wigmore, Katie Holmes, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Air New Zealand crew talk oxygen masks, escape path lighting and emergency exits as iconic New Zealand locations appear on screen in a very trippy, Alice in Wonderland-type way.

Air New Zealand 4

Holmes said she enjoyed working alongside Cuba Gooding Jr. and the airline’s staff to produce the safety video, which she hopes will retain people’s attention while inspiring them to visit New Zealand – as it did for her.

“I was really excited to be a part of this project – the safety video is creative, magical and funny.”

Katie Holmes  

“The scenery is also beautiful and makes me want to get down to New Zealand!”

Air New Zealand 3

Cuba Gooding Jr. said he was keen to get ‘onboard’ with Air New Zealand as he does a lot of travelling and wanted to help create something “fun and different”.

“They make you laugh, smile and pay a little bit more attention.”

Cuba Gooding Jr.

“I’ve also enjoyed working with Katie Holmes and Kiwi artist Gin Wigmore – her voice is enchanting and soothing, exactly what you need for safety video!”

Air New Zealand General Manager of Global Brand and Content Marketing Jodi Williams says A Fantastical Journey will put all eyes on New Zealand by showcasing some of the best the country has to offer.

“We’ve taken a different approach creatively with our latest safety video, working closely with our creative agency True, and Auckland-based production company Assembly throughout the process on the special effects to help take people on a magical tour of the country,” he explained.

Did you know, that if you put all of Air New Zealand’s safety videos together, they’ve had a total of 108 million views online?! AMAZING!

Check out the video below:

What do you think of the new safety video?