Food carts in the sky, drug smuggling devices on land – over seven kilograms of cocaine was found wrapped and stashed under an aircraft’s catering carts in Canada.

The discovery was made at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport while the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) carried out a check on an unspecified aircraft, reported.

According to officers, investigators on the plane spotted anomalies on the food carts and decided to intensify their search further. This led them to discovering seven brick-shaped packages wrapped in plastic and attached to the bottom of the carts.

Inside each package the CBSA found white powder, which tested positive for cocaine.


Canadian authorities have taken over the investigation and are refusing to specific which airline the packages were found on.

CBSA’s Regional Director General for the Greater Toronto Area said the organisation is always “on the lookout for contraband”.

“This seizure demonstrates our commitment to Canadians to intercept illegal narcotics and prevent them from hitting the streets of our communities.”

Goran Vragovic, CBSA Regional Director General for the Greater Toronto Area

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