Qatar Airways has responded to the ongoing air blockade raised by its Middle Eastern neighbours with a short ad, which travellers have described as “wise”.

Published to Youtube over the weekend, the one-minute clip tackles the three-week isolation of Qatar over its alleged financial association with various groups in the region.

Qatar Airways assured travellers last week that the blockade – which bars the carrier from flying into Saudi Arabia, Egypt and UAE airspace – has failed to cause any major issues with its network. However, one look at a map and it’s not hard to see how the airline may have had to find creative alternatives to continue flying some of its European routes.

Qatar Airways

In the short video, the airline has taken its reaffirming message one step further by emphasising its position for ‘No Borders, Only Horizons’.

The clip opens with the line, ‘The Sky. There should be no borders up here. Only Horizons’, before going on to discuss how Qatar Airways believes in breaking down boundaries and using travel to “bring people together”.

“It is a right for all of us to go where we want to go. Feel the things we want to feel. To see the people we want to see. That’s why we will continue to fly the skies.”

Qatar Airways

Watch the full clip below:

Travellers were quick to embrace Qatar Airways’ message of unity with positive comments flooding the Youtube comments section.

Among them is user Top Geographic who said it was videos like the one above that made Qatar Airways their “second favourite airline”.

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 4.20.40 PM

Then there’s this user who described the video as “wise decision”.

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