Heads up travellers booked on flights to or from Amsterdam’s Schiphol today, there’s been a bit of a technical glitch that has affected over 100 services.

Cancellations and delays hit the European gateway overnight after a major computer malfunction at the Netherland’s Air Traffic Control, The Australian reported.

A spokesperson said a reboot of the system failed to resolve the glitch and IT teams are looking into the issue, however, the cause is currently unknown.

flights delayed computer glitch

In the meantime, Air Traffic Control spokesperson, Maj-Britt van Raalte said the gateway is unable to handle a full air schedule and has had to cancel or delay some 100 services.

“We are doing everything possible to find a solution.”

Maj-Britt van Raalte, Air Traffic Control Spokesperson

Image: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol/Facebook

Image: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol/Facebook

Flights scheduled to arrive into Amsterdam have been diverted to alternative European gateways and a few of those scheduled to depart to places such as Germany, Belgium, Britain and the US have been suspended or postponed until the technical problem is resolved.

“We are not sure yet what the cause is or how long it will take to fix it.”

Paul Weber, Schiphol Spokesperson

Schiphol is one of Europe’s largest airports and according to 2015 figures, handles some 58 million passengers per year.

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