Would you choose to fly with an airline knowing that the chance of your flight being delayed was around 56 percent?


Doing a little research and selecting the right airline can go a long in reducing flight delays, according to global flight tracker website, FlightStats, which this week released a study on the world’s best and worst performing carriers.

According to the site, last year a little over half the flights scheduled by Israel’s El Al were either delayed or cancelled – making it the worst performing international carrier over the 12 months.

The airline was closely followed by Icelandair, which cancelled and delayed around 41.05 percent of flights, while 38.71 percent of Air India’s services were affected throughout the year.

On the opposite side of the spectrum, KLM and Iberia kept passengers happy and travelling on-time with only 11 percent of services experiencing delays and cancellations.

Australia’s national airline, Qantas, did Aussies proud not only as the world’s safest, but also the 10th best on-time carrier, while Delta Air Lines was the only US airline to make the list at number eight.

The Vice President of Aviation and Distribution at FlightStats, Jim Hetzel, said on-time performance has become a selling point for airlines, which has prompted improvement across the board.

“I’m seeing a big improvement in overall performance across the board as the industry becomes more and more competitive.”

Jim Hetzel, FlightStats Vice President of Aviation and Distribution

“It’s a huge win for travelers.”

So, here they are…


The world’s five tardiest airlines:


5. Asiana Airlines



4. Philippine Airlines

Philippine Airlines A320


3. Air India

Air India


2. Icelandair

Icelandair 2


1. El Al



The world’s five most on-time airlines:


5. Austrian

Austrian Airlines B777, Paine Field WA USA


4. Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways A350


3. JAL

Japan Airlines


2. Iberia



1. KLM


What’s the worst flight delay you’ve ever experienced?