No pressure Jetstar, but Travel Agents have spoken and if you weren’t already leaning towards returning to Lombok then you might like to reconsider because consultants are ready to sell your flights (and book them for themselves).

Earlier this week, Wonderful Indonesia’s Director for APAC Tourism Promotion, Vinsensius Jemadu, told media in Sydney that the Indonesian government is keen to see Jetstar return to the coastal island.

Jemadu said the government hopes direct flights from Australia to Lombok will be included in a new Memorandum of Understand, so that Aussies are able to easily explore the island’s similarities to the ever-popular Bali as well as its differences.

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However, when KarryOn contacted a Jetstar Spokesperson, we learned that the low-cost carrier is content with its current network of six Indonesian destinations (between Jetstar Australia and Jetstar Asia) and promised to share any news should the airline consider expanding its network.

This non-denial/non-confirmation didn’t stop Travel Agents from dreaming of the carrier’s possible return to Lombok, with many hoping it happens so that they can utilise the direct connection for themselves.

Among them was Julia who said Jetstar’s previous Lombok flights were just starting to take off among clients when the airline axed the service.

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Then there was Nikki who literally applauded the idea of direct flights to Lombok.

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Hayley pictured how the direct route could be utilised for future holidays…

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… while Rosie pictured her entire team taking advantage of the service.

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Would you like to see the low cost carrier return to Lombok?