Abu Dhabi has become the first of 10 Middle Eastern and African cities to fly its way out of the US government’s controversial ban on inflight electronics.

Etihad Airways confirmed the news in an online update this morning, in which the carrier said guests are now able to bring all their personal devices onboard, including laptops, tablets and mobiles.

According to the airline, guests will need to undergo “additional security checks” in order to bring their electronics on the plane.

Etihad Airways

“The US Immigration facility at Abu Dhabi Airport not only enables you to clear US immigration before you fly to the US, but with the additional security checks in place, you can now take all your electronic devices safely on board with you.”

Etihad Airways

The change comes four months after the US first introduced the ban on flights from 10 Middle Eastern and African cities (Cairo, Istanbul, Kuwait City, Doha, Casablanca, Amman, Riyadh, Jeddah, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi), out of fear that large electronics could be used to smuggle explosives on planes.

Airlines operating from affected cities were forced to find new ways of keeping their guests happy, including Qatar Airways which introduced a “laptop loan” for business travellers.

Etihad Airways

In May, the United States said it was considering expanding the electronics ban to more cities, including those in Europe and even in Australia.

Have you been affected by the electronics ban?