In an industry first, Virgin Australia today unveiled plans to launch the world’s first adult-free Kids Class aircraft cabin, with features such as kickable seats and an onboard teddy bear menu.

With more than 900,000 children flying with Virgin Australia each year, kids will be met with specially designed child-friendly features at every stage of their travel experience.

Their journey will start with a concierge Trunki ride to the gate for our Kids Class guests. Prior to boarding, children will be able to choose from a selection of colouring in and story books.

After a quick hopscotch down the aisle, children will be encouraged to participate in a dance-along safety demonstration that has been created to ensure they are focused on this important part of their journey.

Check out this cool video of the new service:

Once the aircraft is at cruising altitude our Kids Class meal service will begin, featuring airplane-shaped treats.

Other features of the new kids class, which will launch later this year, include chewable safety cards, bubble-filled cabin during story time, and tent forts to help kids get to sleep.

Will you be using Virgin Australia’s new Kids Class service?