It surprised Qantas’ Chief Executive, shocked hundreds of people in the audience and left the rest us a little like…


It was the moment when the Flying Kangaroo’s boss received a pie to the face a few minutes into a public speech on leadership.

Initially, many wondered if it was a prank set up by the airline, but one replay of Alan Joyce’s reaction and it was clear that he had no idea a pie smashing was coming his way.

People quickly tried to find the humour in the situation by questioning the flavour of the baked dish, while others sought to answer the bigger question – why?

And the answer is…

In an interview with Perth radio station 6PR, the man behind the incident admitted to doing it because he doesn’t agree with Joyce using Qantas to promote gay marriage.

He criticised the carrier along with other companies such as Airbnb for what he described as, “corporate bullying aimed at social engineering”.

Sooooooo he’s trying to fight corporate bullying through… bullying?


What are your thoughts on the situation?