Love him or hate him, you can’t deny that there’s a little Christian Grey in all of us and no, I’m not referring to his risqué behaviour behind red doors.


I’m talking about his thirst for gin and tonic (although no judgement if you’ve taken to those whips and cuffs).

The man who stole the hearts of over 100 million people worldwide (and made a few other million cringe) has a love for good alcohol, particularly the ever-popular clear spirit.


So too does P&O Cruises, which is why the cruise line has teamed up with Archie Rose Distilling Co. in Sydney to bring locally handcrafted spirits – especially gin – on board its forthcoming vessel, Pacific Explorer.

Announcing the new partnership earlier this week, the arrangement will see Archie Rose stock its award-winning creations in Pacific Explorer’s premium cocktail bar, The Bonded Store.

Every drink in the venue will feature Archie Rose’s spirits and will even be made by P&O staff trained by the Archie Rose team.

The Bonded Room

In a first for an Australian-based ship, will also give cruisers the chance to learn how to make their own gin during gin-making and whisky master classes on board the vessel.

P&O Cruises President Sture Myrmell said the partnership was part of the ongoing evolution of P&O’s product, designed to capture the relaxed but stylish spirit of modern Australia.

“The small and hidden bar scene is incredibly popular on land so we’re taking the concept to sea with The Bonded Store which will feature a stylish and somewhat quirky décor in an intimate setting, as well as fantastic Archie Rose cocktails.”

Sture Myrmell, P&O Cruises President

“We put a lot of thought into The Bonded Store concept and we felt that Archie Rose had just the right flavour for the new bar, with spirits which are sophisticated, on-trend and delicious.

“The result is a classy venue, which will take people back to another cocktail era but still have some fun design elements – as well as a cocktail list which captures some fabulous flavours.”

The Bonded Room 2

Archie Rose Distilling Co. founder Will Edwards said he was excited to get down and dirty with P&O Cruises and feels privileged to be able to deliver craft spirits to P&O guests.

KarryOn was lucky enough to try Archie Rose Distilling Co.’s gin earlier this week and let’s just say, their gin and tonic is so good you’ll want to unleash your inner Christian Grey and try out those bad boys on Pacific Explorer.

What are your thoughts on the arrangement?